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Nature intended it that way.  The urge to reproduce is driven by pleasure.  Makes sense, makes us survive as a species.  And it turns out sexual pleasure can enhance your health and well-being.  It’s natural and good for you.  Have you ever wondered what makes you sexually active, and what triggers your sexual needs? Your various senses, such as hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch can trigger all your sexual feelings and impulses. Your sexual organs are aroused when contact, although other areas of the skin can increase libido and sexual pleasure. These are called erogenous zones, and they vary between individuals.

sexual pleasure

Hormones play a major role here. During the teenage years, start your testicles to produce a stable supply of testosterone and other hormones in the male body. Testosterone is responsible for male characteristics with sex and reproduction, and your brain promotes the production of this hormone by signals to the pituitary gland.

As for sexual desire or libido, it starts when your brain signals through your spinal cord and nerves warnings traveling through your body, your genitals. Healthy young men usually have much testosterone and little to no concern for their erections. However, aging, anxiety or stress and blood vessel problems get in the way of erectile function because there is low testosterone. Medicines and other medical interventions can reduce such problems.

Here’s how erections occur:

  1. Sexual signals cause the shaft of the penis to relax and dilate the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis faster than usual.
  2. An erection occurs with elevated blood pressure in the penis.
  3. Prepare nervous joy, if your penis touched by touch, and also control your ejaculation.
  4. If your prostate and pipes joining your testes and seminal vesicles contract, the urethra filled with seeds.
  5. An orgasm and ejaculation occurs follows.

In women, on the other hand, the sexual arousal of their nervous system, causing pleasure to send signals to her brain. How to amplify the signals, the method results in muscle contraction to their genitals, the release of pleasure through her genitals and causes orgasm.

There are also different reasons that govern orgasm in women, and they are sexual stimulation, touch outside the genital organs (near the clitoris), which is sensitive to touch.A woman’s clitoris is much like your penis – it responds to by sending signals to the brain pleasure to touch.

If you encounter sex drive or performance problems, it is important to understand how your body and sexual function of the work, and the right to seek diagnosis and treatment. Work with your doctor. And find ways to address the problem, of course, such as the use of high quality male enhancement supplement Talk to your doctor, especially if you have a supplementation existing medical condition.

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