What size penis do women prefer?

Men generally tend to consider penis measurements more important than women do. Despite this, research has not made much effort to understand the psychological problems of those suffering from this syndrome and possible remedies.

Ideal measurements for women

According to a new study carried out by the University of California and the University of New Mexico, the female audience prefers an “over” dimension in one-night partners, compared to long-term ones. Yes, because in sex centimeters count. To carry out the study, the researchers showed a sample of women 33 3D penis models made in different sizes and with a rigid, odorless, blue plastic material. Color that served to reduce any racial problems.

About 70 women who took part in the study, aged between 18 and 65. However, their average response was 16cm in length and 12.2 in width. For a one night relationship, however, women preferred a slightly larger model, 16.3 cm long and 12.7 in circumference. Not all this difference.

However, the sample questioned, in this way, also confesses that he is not satisfied with the real size, given that the coveted measure is above average. According to an analysis involving more than 15,000 men, an erect penis reveals an average of 13.1 cm in length and 11.7 in width. Only 15% of men have a penis longer than 17cm and only 3% exceed 20cm

A few months ago, the specialized website ‘DrEd’ had highlighted a slight difference between the opinion of women and that of men in terms of size. While men believe that an average length penis measures 14.2 centimeters, women shorten to about 13.7 centimeters. When asked about the ideal length, the former also said 16.5 centimeters, while the latter were held at 15.7 centimeters. The questionnaire also revealed that the perception of the perfect length changes according to geography. The Poles, Austrians, and Italians aim high, respectively 15.7 cm, 16.5 cm, and 15.3 cm. The Portuguese, the French, and the English hold much lower, respectively 13.9 cm, 13.6 cm, and 12.4 cm.

What is the “perfect penis”?

If the perfect Penis may not exist, some characteristics are more attractive than others. In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers photographed the penises of 20 men from all angles. These images submit to 105 women who assessed which features made a penis more attractive. These are the answers indicated by the women interviewed:

  1. General aesthetics” (i.e., the general appearance of the Penis)
  2. The skin of the Penis
  3. The shape of the glans penis
  4. The appearance of the scrotum and pubic hair – 70% of women prefer a man with hair, settled and not uncultivated;  while 12% reported preferring men without pubic hair.
  5. The length of the Penis
  6. The circumference is last in the ranking.

Why women prefer longer penises

It is not difficult to understand why larger (longer and thicker) penises cause more vaginal satisfaction than smaller penises. Everyone agrees that a vagina doesn’t have many touch-sensitive nerves passed the first third (see Alfred Kinsey’s research). But these vaginal walls are responsive to deep tissue pressure. Both longer and thicker penises create more pressure on these walls.

  • deep stimulation of back of the vagina
  • stimulation of uterus
  • more friction along vagina walls
  • allows any love position
  • the penis won’t slip out during heavy thrusting

Why women prefer a thick penis

thick penis causes more vaginal satisfaction because the extra girth increases the friction and pressure on the vagina walls. The first few inches of these walls are packed with touch-sensitive nerves. A thick penis enhances her pleasure also because it dilates the vagina and it gives more pressure and friction to the g-spot zone. The thicker the penis, the more the vagina walls cling to it and the more she will have such sensations.

  • more friction and deep stimulation of sides of the vagina
  • dilation of the vagina (feeling of being “open”)
  • stimulation of g-spot and AFE zone

Penis shape for specific types of sex:

A penis with a thicker middle/head (and narrow base) is better for rougher pounding – less wear on the vaginal opening and more friction and stretching in the vaginal canal stimulating the g-spot.

A penis with an upward curve is awesome for positions face to face (cowgirl, all women on top or women on her back, man standing positions). Because that head is likely to hit the Gspot nicely – this is also nice for me specifically in doggy, as I have a spot at the top and back of my vagina that, for some reason, makes me go wild.

A penis with a downward curve is BRILLIANT for doggy style, spooning, and other ‘his face to her back’ positions, especially for shower sessions!

A penis with a thicker base is excellent for very slow and sensual shagging, though a lot more foreplay is needed for mind-blowing results.

A smaller head is better for anal sex.


As for circumcision, people generally prefer the aesthetics of a circumcised penis, but religious factors may also influence this preference.

Pubic hair, better with or without?

Speaking of pubic hair, a survey of 4100 people found that 70% of women prefer a man with hair, settled and uncultivated, while 12% reported preferring men without pubic hair.

The scrotum, size matters!

The scrotum is a part of the male body that is rarely taken into consideration when talking about aesthetic beauty. Analyzing the finalists of the Autoblow Balls Contest (the first and only beauty contest of the scrotum), it emerges as a feature that unites them that they are all unusually large. Is this exactly what makes a scrotum attractive? It depends on what you are looking for. The researchers determined that the testicles’ size can indicate whether the man will be good or not. Men with large testicles are less likely to show excellent parenting skills. The testicles’ size appears to be directly related to testosterone levels, which are linked to greater sexual promiscuity and less interest in children. If, therefore, you are looking for a partner for life, with whom to raise your children, better than the testicles are not too large.

Having examined the characteristics that can make a penis more or less attractive, as pointed out by some studies, The aesthetics of the penis remains within the range of the norm; women show severe difficulties in expressing a clear preference for one type or another genital.

Penis size and sexual pleasure

Be careful, though, because a large penis must be used in the right way. Otherwise, those extra centimeters are entirely useless. The vagina of a woman is never more than 7-8 centimeters deep. Therefore the size of the penis, rather than on a practical level, counts on a psychological level. At the same time, however, if not used correctly and carefully, a mainly developed organ could cause pain and discomfort in us girls. What is the secret to thoroughly enjoying your partner’s important penis size? Start with foreplay, lubricate the vagina and vulva before penetration and relax. Then yes, that the performance will be more than satisfactory.

Sex and size of the penis

But be careful not to focus solely on the size of the male organ. Otherwise, you risk ruining everything and choosing your boyfriend only based on centimeters. Sex, to be of good sex, is not made only of dimensions, lengths, and circumferences, but of alchemy, of understanding, of attraction, of “chemistry” and more.

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