Zinc for Male Potency and fertility

How Zinc Assists in Male Potency and Fertility

Sexual potency, particularly in men, has much to do with zinc and its availability to the body. Low zinc impairs prostate function, for example. This alone can affect sexual desire and sexual potency. Zinc is critical for male sexuality, although it is also needed in women as well. Zinc is mainly found in red meats, and to some extent in all poultry and eggs as well. It is not found much in vegetables or fruit or grains of any kind. Also, stress depletes zinc rapidly, causing hidden deficiencies in many people. Alcohol and smoking cigarettes also tend to lower zinc levels by introducing toxic metals that compete with zinc.
There is a wealth of herbal extracts and nutrients to be added to the modern male enhancement supplements and promoted to male erections, sexual stamina and even improve fertility potential. Enjoy most of these herbal extracts, traditionally tried and tested, while vitamins and minerals are tested benefits for men and women for their sexual health.Among the commonly used minerals for sexual power is zinc that the difference in how you run and fathered your chances of a child can successfully spell a world.

Zinc has a vital role in your immune function, enzyme conversion, cell metabolism, and in the breakdown of proteins, just to name a few. An adult male is 11 milligrams of zinc daily is recommended, and since you have no storage capacity for this mineral you need to get those recommended daily intake through diet or supplementation. Some of the best food sources of zinc are raw oysters, peanuts, dark chocolate, cocoa and red meat.

How does your sperm zinc

Zinc is believed to be an effective way to increase the power of your libido, sexual stamina and erection, make him one of the most important features of many quality pills today. But how come your fertility work? For a zinc protects your sperm against bacteria. It has antioxidant effects, so it also your sperm protect against free radicals or compounds that have cytotoxic effect. On the basic level of zinc influenced number and health of your sperm.

A 2009 study published in Nutrition Research examined Smoking and Non smoking males, both fertile and infertile to know the effects of the mineral on sperm count and quality. The conclusion is that men with higher zinc levels – regardless of whether they smoked or not – in comparison to their counterparts with lower zinc levels had a high number of healthy sperm.

Improved potency

It is also believed that the combination of zinc and folic acid further increasing fertility. A separate study in 2002 conducted and published in Fertility and Sterility, monitored group of fertile and has performed sub fertile men, five milligrams of folic acid combined with 66 milligrams of zinc daily for 26 weeks. The conclusion showed that both groups showed an increase in sperm count, with the sub-group. Fruitful 76 percent increase in the normal sperm count

If you want the benefits of zinc for sexual health and fertility, make sure that you meet your daily requirement for zinc by the foods you eat or by careful addition. Talk to your doctor, especially if you have an existing medical condition. You can ask about male enhancement pills, too.



One of the most notorious aphrodisiacs, oysters have enjoyed a reputation for improving sexual potency in men since the days of ancient Rome. High in zinc, an important mineral in raising testosterone levels in men, oysters are also thought to contain varying levels of dopamine which is known to stimulate arousal.

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