Billionaire diamond Dealer dies during penis Enhancement Process

penis Enhancement

A billionaire diamond dealer went into an upscale medical surgery in Paris to get a penis enlargement and wound up dead — that the victim of a heart attack, which allegedly struck while he had been under the knife.

The Belgian-Israeli double national was stated to have endured the deadly heart attack only minutes after becoming an unknown material injected into his manhood
Ehud Arye Laniado, 65, Mr Laniado’s firm Omega Diamonds, that is located at the city of Antwerp, supported his departure.


Thus, do all these surgeries work? According to the physicians who provide these processes, individual. The sites of several surgeons discuss high achievement rates, comprise brilliant testimonials from individuals and reveal remarkable before and after pictures. But, those sites don’t tell the entire story. According to a current overview of the literature about this subject published in the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews, these processes are incredibly insecure and should virtually never be achieved.

The entire range of complications arising from these types of operations remains unidentified. They continue to be completed despite the absence of supporting information. Think about what was mentioned in an overview article on this subject over Ten Years ago:

Penis enhancement surgery is a hazardous process. “There isn’t any standard surgical procedure, and a number of the processes performed are still experimental with the minimal objective and postoperative data.”
Many of the people seeking penis enlargement are predictive of poor outcomes.

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