Curved penis, What? How to Treatment?

Curved penis

Curved penis

Despite the widespread belief that a penis is perfectly straight, they tend to have a small curvature that would be more noticeable during erection. Penises can be curved up, down or even sideways. However, there are extreme cases of penile curvature that make it difficult for a man to take part in sexual activities. Because of pain every time he has an erection or ejaculate. These could be caused by penile injuries sustained during sexual intercourse, or by a condition called Curved penis.
About 5% of men suffer from a significantly incurvate penis, which has a significant impact on their sex life. It is essential to feel entirely comfortable in your body by penile injuries sustained during sexual intercourse, or by a condition called Curved penis

Causes of bent penis

Penile curvature occurs because of a difference in the elasticity of penile tissues. He can bend to the sides up (at the direction of the navel), or even down. If you become sexually aroused, blood flows into the sponge-like spaces inside your penis, extending and stiffening it. A bent penis usually happens when these spaces don’t expand evenly. A Curved penis is typical differences in penis anatomy, but sometimes scar tissue or another problem causes a curved penis and painful erections.
Possible underlying causes of a bent penis include:
·        Peyronie’s disease (a curved erection caused by one of many underlying conditions) Peyronie’s disease causes the penis to become curved when it’s erect. It’s common in men over 40, although it can happen at any age.
·        Injury to the penis
·        Autoimmune disorders
·        Inherited fibrous tissue (collagen) abnormality

What problem for Curved penis

  1. Difficulty in Penetration
    Average Penetration must occur quickly and painlessly. If you realize that your penis stinks at the instant, or when you feel trouble adjusting it with your own hands to the match. It’s a symptom that your curvature is essential. The problem in Penetration may even cause distress in the bunch, cause fractures, and also break the penis, which may cause more severe scenarios.
  2. Lack of firmness to penetrate
    Many times the penis is erect, but not enough for a comfortable and safe penetration. The lack of toughness can be due to the penile anatomy, mainly in cases in which the man has a long and thin penis. Other causes that cause lack of firmness are problems with erectile dysfunction, which are more common in men over 45 years of age. , it’s a symptom that the curvature is bothering and requires treatment with a urologist
  3. The penis bends or escapes quickly during sexual intercourse
    If the penis bends or escapes promptly during sexual intercourse, it’s a symptom that the curvature is bothering and requires treatment.  It can bring significant discomfort to the man, who needs to be attentive to the penis position the entire time. In addition to limiting sexual positions and discomforting the movement of entry and exit.
  4. Pain or discomfort in the couple
    When the curvature of the penis is little, Penetration happens without problems. However, an indication your penis demands a treatment to unscrew is when the couple feels pain in the time of Penetration. That is because, even if the penis has enough stability and Penetration occurs, with some help and favorable position, its curved anatomy can generate discomfort and pain in the person.
  5. Pain in the penis after sexual intercourse
    Who has the curved penis often manages to perform the sexual activity? Many times the curvature does not disturb that aspect, but it is wise to observe other associated symptoms. If the penis becomes sore after sexual intercourse, it may be a sign that it is improperly forced during Penetration. In addition to the discomfort caused, and that nobody likes to feel pain, that can evolve for Peyronie’s Disease.

Apart from the fact that Curved penis is a great risk of producing impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Can I straighten bent penis by myself?

 In the case of the curvature, the andrologist can determine therapies with a very high degree of success and with a healthy recovery of sexual activity. In the case of a slightly crooked and asymptomatic penis, as we have seen, it’s not essential to get anything.

Phallosan Treatment Tool

PHALLOSAN forte is consequently an actual alternative to operative treatment. Because of the continuous pull, the penis could be straightened or improved, without losing span, because the pull onto the glans stretches the penis. The direction of this deviation is immaterial.

The Penis Enlargement
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