80% of men who have penis enlargement surgery are unhappy with the results.

Penis Enlargement surgery isn’t merely a scam: it induces complications, such as penile deformations, shortening, and erectile dysfunction or impotence problems.
Penis enlargement operation rarely works and should virtually never be achieved, doctors have warned. According to another study, penis enlargement surgeries are usually ineffective and may leave guys emotionally and physically ruined. Others were abandoned with penises that were permanently numb in areas, scarring, psychological problems or sorrow.
Researchers discovered as many as 80 percents of men who possess the ops are displeased with the outcomes, and most are left disfigured or perhaps smaller penises.
The analysis, published in Sexual Medicine Reviews, reviewed 17 studies that had evaluated 21 different types of operations in the penises of 1192 men.

Gordon Muir, a urological surgeon at London Bridge and Kings hospitals, explain this research.

He told The Guardian: ‘These procedures should almost never be done’.

Mr. Muir added these processes can cost between $40,000 and $50,000 which many of them are performed by scammers who”take advantage of vulnerable men.”

“Many guys who Wish to experience Penis enlargement processes possess a penis of typical size but think that his size is insufficient,” Muir told The Guardian. “Regrettably, some practices appear to ignore this. Surgeons from the private sector shouldn’t do this. It’s incorrect at all levels”

The study concludes that guys Who are thinking about expanding their penis first attempt Penis extenders made to elongate the limb over time. The devices are questionable, however considerably more economical and safer than Operation.

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