Truth About Penis Size

Truth About Penis Size

When it comes to the penis, the size of it plays the most important role for most men. The longest specimen in the world allegedly measures more than 18 inches. The smallest, however, does not appear in any statistic. One can, therefore, conclude that it measures just under 0.9 inches, which is the threshold at which it is referred to as micro-penis.

Many men fear that their phallus is too short, although, truth is that the average penis sizes are smaller than many people believe. If a man looks down from above on his penis, it generally seems smaller than it actually is. A fact is that even if the penis has a standard size of 7 inches, when in the non-erected state, men would often like to have a longer genital.

The reason for this is that the penis is a symbol of strength, virility and potency. In addition to many misconceptions, such as the ideal size, it is connected to an abundance of myths. However, there are a number of facts that apply, at least in most cases.

Length and girth – the penile dimensions are not only meaningful to teenagers in the “perceived masculinity.” The length is measured from the root to the tip of the penis glans; the volume in the middle of the penis shaft.

Average Penis Size

In a report published in BJU International,According to a 1,661 men study published in July 10, 2013, Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average erect penis is about 5.5 (14 cm) long, ranging from 1.6 inches (4cm) long to 10.2 inches (26 cm).

The penis length in non-erected state says only little about what size it can attain during an erection. Thus, a small phallus can gain a lot in length and scope; however, a large one may only rise a little bit. This said, it is logic that erected both the small penis and the large genital could reach the same length.

The shape of the penis, when erected, may vary, too. Some men have a so-called bottle-shaped phallus, where the glans is thicker than the penis shaft. Most of men have a cylinder-shaped penis, which measures the same from the root until the glans.

With the conical-shape, the penis is thicker than the glans; however, this only concerns a few men. Another important note: sexual pleasure and fertility have nothing to do with the shape of the phallus. One thing is for certain; all over the world, in every ethnic group, there are men with large and small penis alike.

A WHO study shows that Africans have a larger penis than Western Europeans and North Americans. Small genitals are particularly frequent among Asians. However, the length of the penis varies as extremely within an ethnic group – nearly as strong as between the races themselves.

The longest penis of the world belongs to a porn actor, whose phallus, indeed, measures over 18 inches. Whether the gigantic length was achieved with penis-growth supplements, by artificial manipulation or by the mood of nature, is not known. An extra-large genital is often no joy, as the extra-large penis requires so much blood during erection that fainting spells can occur.

Apart from the fact that penis size plays a vital role in a men’s life, it has to be said that quantity does not necessarily equal quality. Statistics show that the highest percentage of all men, in fact, have a rather small phallus. The length of a penis says absolutely nothing about sexual performance.

With a long penis, it is often difficult and time-consuming to establish an erection which is sufficient enough to penetrate a vagina. A shorter penis, on the contrary, is often more stable and satisfying for a woman. Regardless what, when it comes to fertility, both have the same potentials.

Any man who still is hoping for a longer genital can try a variety of methods to reach his goal. For example, a stretching machine can maximize a penis a couple of inches. These are reliable penis enlargement devices which will effectively add a couple of inches to any original penis size.

That a phallus shrinks with the years is a fact which concerns every man in advanced age. The penis becomes shorter and thinner because it loses muscle cells and connective tissue during aging. The genital loses its elasticity and, therefore, does no longer reach the same size in erected stage, than earlier on in life.

Even though the word “penis fracture” would suggest otherwise, fact is that men have no bone in their genitals. However, an abundance of mammals, especially primates, do have a phallus bone. There is a theory that prehistoric men still had this penis enhancement. Why this bone, if it ever existed, completely disappeared, is up to date unclear.

There are a few speculations about this with the latest being that without a penis bone a woman can identify better if a man would make a strong and healthy caretaker for her kids, or not. After all, health is also reflected in a stable erection. The penis of men is a reflection of his overall health, vascular system, and metabolism.


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