How to increase girth size permanently

Length is not what women care about: it is the circumference of the penis? And how to measure the penis, then, if you want to know if your penis falls within the average penis circumference? And is it possible to increase the penis girth?

Penis circumference: what women want

Penis length is not that we don’t care at all, but we say it is not our priority. Once a penis can tickle the G spot, we don’t care if it can get into the uterus. According to the Authentic Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart, the minimum satisfactory length is 5 inches or 12 cm. According to a survey published in Women’s Health, 95% of women are most concerned about penis circumference. And the average penis circumference is between 9.3 cm and 11.6 cm or 3.6 inches and 4.5 inches, slightly below the size considered ideal by the girls who expressed themselves. But why is penis circumference so important? Because a “wide” penis can stimulate the vaginal walls during penetration, promoting a feeling of fullness that amplifies the stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris (which are two sides of the same coin). If it takes less time to jump over it than to go around it, in short, it’s ok for us!

Penis diameter: how to measure the penis

And now that you know what women want, how do you know if yours is the ideal penis? To measure the penis diameter, or better, the penis circumference, have a measuring tape at your disposal
Wrap a measuring tape across the widest part of your penis. If the penis head is wider than the stem, measure it separately. If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of string or cloth. Wrapping the string around the widest part of your penis marks the beginning and the end and then placed on top of a ruler.

Can penis girth size be increased Permanently?

We now come to the heart of the question: is it possible or not to increase the size of the penis? Regarding length, the only effective method is penile enlargement through surgery (to be considered only in the case of micropenis or particularly deficient and negatively impacting measures on sexual life), as regards the circumference a little more you can do even without resorting to scalpels. A little something, let’s be clear: the size of the penis is that, and stop. Since the penis circumference is closely linked to the increase in the volume of the penis during an erection, in turn, related to the corpora cavernosa, it is possible to try to increase this capacity. 
You need to know that there are four main methods of penis enlargement.

  • Surgical interventions
  • Pills and supplements
  • Pumps
  • Natural methods such as Exercises

Surgical interventions

Between 2013 and 2017, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recorded over 45,000 penis enhancement procedures taking place worldwide.
Surgical treatment can increase their circumference and glans using a hyaluronic acid-based filler (usually used for the face). The increase in circumference with hyaluronic acid involves injecting a filler into the penis and can be performed under local anesthesia.
The surgeries are a possible alternative, but have risks and are very expensive. It is recommended to try this method as a last resort or in extreme cases of the micropenis where the results obtained with natural methods may not be sufficient.

What filler do you use to increase penis size?

There are two main groups of dermal fillers: synthetic derivatives and natural derivatives such as hyaluronic acid.
There are pros and cons regarding the two types of fillers: if, on the one hand, the natural fillers are finally absorbed by the body, the synthetic fillers (depending on the type) are instead permanent. On the other hand, synthetic fillers can cause allergic reactions, and if migrations or bumps occur, they are difficult to remove.

Pills and supplements

Male enhancement usually blends of natural ingredients work in two phases, first by drastically increasing the blood flow to the penis and second by stretching the walls of the Corpora Cavernosa (erectile tissue), increasing the volume of blood your penis can hold. The result is a Longer, Thicker, Harder erection. Pills and supplements alone are not effective in penis enlargement. They may provide other benefits, such as an increase in the circumference of the penis, harder and more vigorous erections, or longer duration in bed. Still, they will not magically lengthen your member.

VigRX Plus Male Virility Supplement is excellent for men that want to enhance their erection size and performance. VigRX will help you experience bigger, harder, and longer-lasting erections, an increased sex drive, more powerful and intense orgasms, and less waiting between erections. VigRX Plus is formulated with a blend of natural herbs to enlarge the erectile tissues when aroused.

Natural foods

First of all, it is clear that just as there are no magic pills to enlarge your penis, there are no miraculous foods that will add centimeters to your member.
However, many foods can provide benefits to the functioning of your penis, improving blood circulation and blood pressure, helping you have vigorous and prolonged-lasting erections.
If you want to know the natural foods that, if included in your diet, can benefit your penis performance, you can see our complete guide on foods that promote the increase in penis size and sexual performance.
see here for Foods that make your penis bigger

Techniques To Increase Girth

Jelqing method

Jelqing method

The Jelqing exercises are a workout for the penis muscle, which improves blood circulation and blood pressure to have more vigorous erections. With these natural exercises, it is also possible to increase the penis size, both length, and girth, after several training sessions.

In general, the process is very similar to milking a cow or masturbation; it massages the penis from the base upwards, slowing down the movement before reaching the glans penis. If you want to know more about these exercises, you can visit our complete guide on the Jelqing method.

Penis Clamping

The Penis Clamp is a great way to add girth over time by pressurizing and thus expanding the blood vessels in your penis.
The key to penis clamping is the action of forcing blood into the penis. The clamp you have around the base of the penis is currently creating a barrier or blockade, so the blood in your penis cannot escape. This way causes more blood to flow to the penis, creating more of engorgement.

Penis vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are cylinders or tubes into which the penis is inserted. How do they work? A manual or automatic mechanism is activated, making it possible to extract the air inside the cylinder and cause a vacuum.
The vacuum generates more pressure in the blood vessels of the penis, thus causing an erection. As you know, the inside of the penis acts like a sponge, and the more blood it can hold, the bigger its size.
If the vacuum is what generates an erection, what happens when I remove the cylinder? As you can imagine, an erection should disappear when you remove the cylinder from the penis, but to avoid this, what is done is to place a silicone ring at the base of the penis, which manages to hold the blood.
The penis pumps or penile developers do exactly that: increase the blood supply to the penis during an erection, gradually increasing the blood vessels’ capacity. And using them, especially if they are the new generation and water-based, is also very pleasant. In this case, we are trying not to harm!

Hercules Penis Pump

Bathmate’s Hercules Penis Pump is practical and straightforward to use a penis enlargement developer. It is used in the shower or bathtub to create a pleasant and functional “vacuum” effect thanks to the lukewarm water. Constant use will increase the cavernous bodies of the penis to hold blood, with a visible increase in the size of the penis during an erection.

Developer Penis by Bathmate

Best solution combine all method

Pills, foods, and supplements alone are not effective in penis enlargement, improving blood circulation and blood pressure. You can use a combination with Jelqing exercise, Penis pump, and Penis Clamping. It is the best solution for gaining your penis girth.

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