The Arabic Jelqing method (Video)

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The Arabic Jelqing method

The aim of Arabic Jelq would be to expand the penis by increasing the blood pressure in the penis, with the purpose of permanently growing the maximum vertical size of their penis itself. Arabic Jelq, known as”milking”, is composed of wrapping the thumb and index finger around the base of manhood whilst semi-erect and advertisements forcing them to force blood into the glands, encouraging in this way more vascularity from the corpus cavernosa and related tissues. Arabic Jelq is considered one of the very best and more effective penis enlargement exercise and actually, it is the most practiced penis enlargement system in the USA. In the late 70’s Dr.Brian Richards, carried a very comprehensive research about the power of the Arabic Jelq and his research was published in addition by the British Journal of Sexual Medicine and showed extremely positive results for 87% of the test group. He demonstrated Arabic Jelq increased the manhood length up to 1.4 inches and the penis girth of up to 1 inch. There are a lot of products related to Arabic Jelq that can be found on the penis enlargement market; anyhow, it is possible to find much of what they provide (directions ) on forums and websites at no cost. Before starting a penis enlargement routine, you should contact somebody competent with the Arabic Jelq. Arabic Jelqing is generally preceded by a warm up with a hot towel around the eyebrow, and with a warm done in precisely the same way.

PC Contractions –

PC Contractions are a man’s basic variant of a lady’s”While” Kegels” are meant to tighten a female’s vagina, PC Contractions function to provide men with greater ejaculate and erection management. PC stands for the”Pubococcygeal” muscles, which are the muscles responsible for a man’s capacity to prevent a flow of urine, then tighten the stomach, and tighten the buttocks. To take part in PC Contraction exercises, men ought to clench as if they were stopping a stream of urine during its launch, while then holding this clench and strain for approximately 2-3 minutes. After this duration, guys can relax their muscles for a couple seconds and then clench again. This can be repeated about 10 to 20 times throughout a PC exercise session, while men need to plan to do a total of around 200 to 300 each day.

Lifestyle and Erection Quality

Foremost, in analyzing the quality of someone’s erection, an individual must also analyze the quality of someone’s lifestyle choices. An erection is achieved quite simply as the body delivers a surge of blood to the penis. This blood surge ends in the hardness, fullness, and firmness of their penis’ erect state. If blood circulation into the penis is at all inhibited, the standard of a man’s erection is negatively impacted. Factors that harmfully influence the blood circulation to the penis and also the quality of an erection include: Unhealthy food choices along with a high fat diet plan, especially an unhealthy diet that leads to high cholesterol, Cardiovascular Disease, and Higher blood disease Different health conditions such as diabetes and melancholy A high pressure lifestyle / feelings of anxiety Smoking Overweight / obesity Excessive alcohol ingestion To fight issues of bad health, men ought to speak with their health care provider to consider potentially beneficial medications; for example, there are lots of medications that may decrease cholesterol levels, cure problems related to cardiovascular disease, and rectify different matters until they progress into crucial medical issues. As for unhealthy decisions concerning one’s diet and smoking habits, men should aim to consume healthful, low fat, and balanced meals to regulate their physical and sexual wellness. Adding to this, smoking, because it is generally unhealthy for the whole body, is also specifically bad for the quality of a person’s erection. Smoking essentially impedes the amount of blood flow to the penis, resulting in a more flaccid and less full vertical state. Last, too much alcohol could result in a man’s inability to establish or sustain an erection; however, a small amount of alcohol, when consumed in moderation, can really help stimulate a healthy erection dysfunction.

Increased Ejaculate and Erection Quality

In addition to an improved erection quality, in addition, there are many elements which may aid in improving the quality of a man’s ejaculate. Ejaculate is created by an array of biological compounds and reactions nonetheless, the two chief aspects that men have a tendency to focus on are sperm count and fluid volume. To increase the quality and quantity of semen, in addition to increasing the amount of fluid in a man’s ejaculate, specific strategies can be used, such as: Consume foods or supplements that include: Zinc Selenium Vitamin E (no more than 50 mg per day.) L-Arginine L-Carnitine

Part 1) Learn The Jelqing Workout

Step 1: Warm Up

The heat literally involves applying heat to your penis. The common methods to heat your manhood include 1) With a heating pad 2) Using a warm, wet washcloth 3)Taking a spa All the above ought to be applied directly to the penis. It is akin to warming up before you go running or lift weights – it leads to more results and less harm. Warm up for five or more minutes, but you’re the best bet would be to take for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Apply the Lube

Lubrication is important because it will enable you to jelq your manhood in a gentle manner.

Step 3: Get the blood pumping

You are going to need some blood into your manhood to jelq efficiently. However, at precisely the exact same time, you do not want to jelq having an erection – or even close to it. Jelqing having an erection is potentially harmful. Your penis should be someplace between semi-hard and semi-soft. The goal is somewhere about 70 percent erect.

Measure 4: OK, grip it

You’ll want to create an OK-grip with your thumb and pointer finger and put it at the bottom of your penis. The clasp seems as if you are giving the”OK” symbol.

Measure 5: Jelq your penis

Apply pressure into the grip and then move it down the shaft. You want the pressure to be light and tender, yet at precisely the exact same time effective. Stop the jelq before you arrive at the head of your penis (do not jelq your mind ). The jelq should take roughly three or so instant. Then use your other hand to repeat the jelq. Switch palms every jelq rep till you acquire the number of reps. For the first couple of weeks, do no longer than 150 jelqs for each workout. Do not jelq daily, especially when you’re first starting out. Moving forward is a frequent problem for new jelqers – and this is a large reason that jelqing includes a bad wrap.

Before You Start Jelqing

Measuring Your Penis

It’s a fantastic idea to keep a diary of your jelqing efforts. This should also comprise measurements of your manhood on a weekly basis. You may certainly quantify and document your flaccid penis size but that may vary so the very important significant dimensions to take are your vertical dimensions. Various people urge all sorts of different approaches to measuring your penis. It really doesn’t matter how you do it AS LONG AS YOU DO IT CONSISTENTLY! That is, make sure you measure it the exact same way every week.

The Jelqing Warm Up

Jelqing is just like any other exercise – you need to warm-up before beginning!

1. Massage your penis till you’re semi-tumescent (partial erection).

2.  In warm water, soak a washcloth.

3. Wrap the washcloth around your penis for three minutes.

4. Duplicate above warm-wrap another 3 times.

An alternative to the above jelqing warm-up would be to simply massage and stroke your semi-erect manhood in a hot tub.

1. Put some lubricant (eg. Infant oil) on both your hands and penis. Your penis should be semi-erect.

2. With the thumb and forefinger of one hand, create an”Okay” sign around the base of your penis and hold it firmly.

3. Today begin a milking motion towards the end of your manhood.

4. As soon as your milking hand reaches the head of your penis, form an”Okay” sign with your free hand and begin milking because you did previously with the flip side. Don’t milk the mind of their penis.

5. You ought to have the ability to use both hands to make a continuous milking action, alternating between palms.

For the first week, just perform 100 jelq strokes every day. For the second week, perform 200 jelq strokes each day. For the third week, perform 300 jelq strokes each day. In the fourth week onwards, attempt to perform 500 jelq strokes each day. One of the primary principles for enhancement is to improve circulation and also to increase the volume of blood held within the erectile tissue. It is the erectile tissue that engorges with blood when sexually stimulated resulting in an erection. The theory goes that if the erectile tissue may be invited to maintain a greater volume of blood than it might otherwise naturally accommodate, then this can, in turn, result in a bigger size both when erect and flaccid.

Jelqing (Milking) Exercise

The basic technique is quite simple to perform and relies on employing a milking motion along the length of the semi-erect penile shaft. To achieve this, the thumb and forefinger are utilized to encircle the foundation. A reasonably firm grip is used to keep the partial erection and also to ensure the blood is securely trapped. Maintaining this mild stress, the grip then slides forward along the length of the shaft and forces as much blood as possible into every area of the erectile tissue. Since the clasped hand nears the end of the penile shaft the alternate hand then repeats the procedure, resulting in a continuous movement with each stroke carrying around 1-2 seconds. To perform the Jelq properly, it’s often useful to use a lubricant, for example, Orgy Oil since this helps the gripping hands to slip without resistance along the length. Penis-Enlargement exercises are often performed when it is flaccid. The basic technique involves gripping firmly around the head and gently pulling forward. The thought of the stretch isn’t to pull it to the point of pain, however, to pull sufficiently so that it is stretched to the maximum comfortable limit. An illustration of a stretching exercise will then be to hold the stretch for about 15 seconds before relaxing. To complete the session the process would then be repeated 10-15 times.

Weight Hanging

Using weights and stretchers to expand the size, it is based on the principle of tensile force and the body’s ability to adapt and change under these influence. Through the application of continual and continuous tension, cells in a place exposed to these force divide and multiply, leading to enhanced tissue mass.


One of the techniques to acquire a larger erection and dimensions is by”ballooning”. This method involves prolonging your own ejaculation. Therefore, this means in order to begin ballooning, the initial step is to learn how to last longer. When it’s impossible to hold back the orgasm or withhold from ejaculating prematurely then you have to first take Kohinoor Gold to gain endurance. This will put you on the path to being a more sexually stimulating lover, in addition, to put you in the perfect place to practice the Penile Ballooning Technique. While it is vertical, begin massaging your penile shaft, footing, and foundation, pubis, groins, and scrotum to increase the blood flow. By holding back the orgasm you will begin to accelerate the metabolization of testosterone. All the while, you need to hold back on climax approximately 3 to 5 times. Then you will be free to release. If you practice this technique often, it is going to stimulate development in the corpora cavernosa, the spongy tissue in the shaft. This technique takes practice, but the gains are fantastic!

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