Hanging with Penis Weight

The penis enlargement naturally can be done with the weight system. Lengthen the penis with weights is one of the most used forms since ancient times.

Hanging with Weights to make the penis bigger

The penis enlargement naturally can be done with the weight system. Lengthen the penis with weights is one of the most used forms since ancient times such as African tribesmen, Peruvian Cholomecs and followers of the Indian Shaiva Naga Sadhu sect. In Picture below, Karamojong men in Uganda, A boy will hang a circular stone disk from the tip of his penis, adding more disks as he becomes accustomed to the weight.

hanging penis with the weight for Ancient Africa tribe, picture from Here

How to enlarge penis with weights?

Enlarging the penis with weights is also known as traction or stretching method. It consists of hanging weight, appropriate to the size of the limb, on the glans. To have a permanent effect, this must be done every day and for a good time. Some weights can be used for up to eight hours a day. By gravity, the ligament that holds the penis will stretch.

This stretching generates tension on the penis that will cause the multiplication of the cells and regenerate the tissue. Penis stretching weights continue to fatigue. The penis will eventually develop micro-tears. Those micro-tears will heal, and your penis will stay longer.

Injuries with penis weight lifting

Do not overdo the weight. Your penis should be stretched, but it doesn’t have to bother you. Exaggerating the weight and using it for too long, can firmly retain circulation, cause an injury and give you erection problems later.

More Problems with hanging weight too long, You may decrease blood circulation. Having something hung up makes the blood stop circulating. This situation brings you, as a result, that the penis will eventually cost you an erection. The erection will lose firmness, feels flaccid. If you get to use the weights badly, you can create an injury to your member.

If the circulation is cut too much, thanks to the excess tension, you can suffer infections. In the worst case, This may cause the need to amputate the limb.

Enlarge the penis with weights, it can be a method that generates results, but it will never be highly recommended. They are more likely to get a negative effect than a positive one.

If you want to stretch the penis, it is always best to opt for Penis stretching or jelqing. If what you want is to produce more cells to regenerate the tissue faster, choose to use pills or improve your diet. Also, this technique provides sagging; it is better to have a small but well erect and firm penis than to have a long and flaccid penis.

Penimaster Pro Penis weight Sets

With PeniMaster from MSP Concept, you will purchase innovative, sustainable quality and technology made in Germany. Use PeniMaster PRO to ensure your penis is safe.

The weight pulling force generator for PeniMaster PRO is supplied with a total of 5 weights. These are screwed into each other depending on the desired pulling force and thus connected firmly and securely. The scope of supply includes 1x base weight 250 g (not shown); 2 x weight 125g, 1 x weight 250 g, 1 x weight 500 g.

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