Tribulus Terrestris as a natural sexual enhancer

Tribulus Terrestris Effect: none to moderate

Tribulus terrestris is a plant that is widely used especially in tropical and subtropical areas and has been used for many years as strengthening and natural sexual enhancer. Taking to thetestosterone levels increase in humans and thus affect the sexuality. Tribulus supplement enhances sexuality in the majority of those within a few days. Passion Rx is more effective since it has a number of additional herbs that provide a more comprehensive approach to sexual improvement. 


What does this mean for the power?

The sex hormone testosterone is an essential factor for sexual desire and overall sexual performance. An intake of Tribulus Terrestris to significantly influence the potency and erectile capacity increase. Positive side effects should be an improved sense of well-being and an increase in muscle mass.

What is the effect of a natural sexual enhancer and when is this one?

Whether Tribulus Terrestris is actually effective as a natural sexual enhancer has not yet been determined. Although a potency-enhancing effect in laboratory studies in rats has been demonstrated reliable studies that show a hormonal effect in humans, but not yet exist. The opinions of the users go from “absolutely useless” to “moderately effective”.

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