Penis Enlargement Ways

Searching for a credible male enhancement product can often feel impossible at times when you consider the range of products that are currently available on the market.

Penis enlargement devices, patches, pills, surgery or exercises – all of these methods claim to do the same thing of increasing your penis size, stamina, and sexual satisfaction.

Yet where is the proof? The only way to safely determine which is the right one for you is to research into how they work and what they can offer you in the long run.

Do that and you’ll be surprised by the differences there are between what they say they can do and what they can actually offer your body.

Penis enhancement pills

These ones are a clear example of a product claiming to do one thing whilst doing another. Made from natural ingredients and extracts, the link between penis enhancement pills and their ability to increase penis size is minimal.

These pills focus more on offering you an aphrodisiac quality to your sexual experience of increased stamina, firmness and blood flow. None of which can be attributed to credibly increasing penis size:

  • Damiana –improves erectile function and length of orgasms
  • Tribulus Terrestris –boosts your stamina, staying power and drive
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract –libido enhancer
  • Red Ginseng – notably aphrodisiac qualities, red ginseng is also recognized for increasing your energy levels as well as erectile dysfunction


Similar to penis enhancement pills, these patches take the above-mentioned ingredients and administer them directly into your bloodstream using a transdermal technique.



Used for centuries by men in the Middle East, Jelqing is based on a combination of 100-200 penis exercises spaced over a 20 minute period.

The exercises themselves are incredibly easy to do and can produce results of 1.4 extra inches to your length. The only drawback to this method is that it is only a short-term solution. Without regular sessions, these extra inches will not last.


Penile Surgery

Possibly the riskiest procedure, phalloplasty consists of a simple surgical release technique that cuts the suspensory ligament – found in the pubic bone region of your body – and increases your penis size by 2.5-4 inches.

Whilst this procedure may sound simple, penile surgery does run the risk of removing your ability to hold an erection, due to your penis losing the support of your suspensory ligament when it is cut.

In terms of enlarging your girth, liposculpture could offer you that support.

Here fatty tissue – taken from your body – is injected into your penis, before it is remolded and smoothed to suit your shape. With this procedure, though it is recommended that you use it with care as it can result in a build-up of fatty deposits under your skin, that can make the appearance of your penis look uneven.

Penis Enlargement Devices

Easily the most reliable of all these procedures, the use of a similar technique seen in orthopedic surgery means users can expect to see results within 7 days of applying this penis traction device to their penis.

Designed to stimulate the replication of tissue cells within the penis chambers, penis traction devices can develop your penis naturally – and more importantly, permanently – growing your penis up to 30% in both length and girth.

During a 24 week period, users can also expect to experience longer orgasms; harder erections; penile curvature corrections of up to 60% and increased stamina levels.

Making the right decision for your body

Whilst penis enhancement pills and patches can contribute to better sexual satisfaction, in terms of penis enlargement the use of penis traction devices is the safest route.

Medically backed by CE standards and made from Medical Type 1 materials, users can wear these penis enlargement devices confident that they will experience a permanent increase in penis size of 2-3 inches, with no risk of harming their body. A guarantee you cannot ignore.

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