ProExtender™ verses Penis Pumps


ProExtender™ verses Penis Pumps

Choosing the best device for penis enlargement

Over the last couple of decades, Man has solved their problems temporarily with whatever technology have as been accessible. Since the 70’s guys have been purchasing vacuum penis pumps as a way to erection issues and as a way to penis enlargement. Even though the penis pump is well known, popular, and powerful, there are newer and a lot more powerful devices currently available.

One noninvasive method to lengthen penises– penile traction apparatus — shows promise, according to a new review of the study. But scientists say most guys who search longer penises do not know the short and long of the circumstance.

With the debut of’penis traction apparatus’, the sphere of mechanical organ enlargement has just taken a quantum jump ahead. Clinical testing and research have led to the invention of penis traction devices having the capability to improve the loudness of the corpus cavernosa, the constructions in the manhood responsible for erectile dysfunction.

Penis extenders are medical devices that maintain the penis in a stretched condition for extended amounts of time to boost span indefinitely. Penis extenders are certified for self-use and don’t expect a physician’s prescription.

Where before these mechanical devices (like vacuum pumps) were only a temporary fix, a permanent penis enlargement solution is now being made available through devices like the ProExtender™.

How the penis pump works

Most penis pumps work using the vacuum principle: by removing the air around the penis the reverse pressure pulls extra blood from the body into the corpus cavernosa (erectile bodies of the penis), increasing the size of the erection, often to enormous proportions.

The basic penis pump is operated by first securing an air-tight tube around the base of the penis. Once the seal has been made, most of the air which surrounds it is slowly pumped out using an electric or hand pump. The chamber is never a total vacuum, but by slowly reducing the pressure the penis can expand well beyond its normal size.

The difficulty is only that a plastic or rubber ring is usually needed to prevent an immediate loss of size once the tube is removed. The gains are temporary, and most users find penis pumps more useful for ‘pleasure pumping’ than for actual gains in penis size.

How the ProExtender™ works

ProExtender™ works using the principle of traction to cause the body to create new tissue that lengthens and thickens the penis. By applying a constant, gentle stretch to the penis tissues the ProExtender™ causes the body to actually create new tissue to reweave the pressure. This same technology has been used for centuries by native peoples to modify the human body, and by modern surgeons to create and expand tissues for reconstructive surgery.

The operation is very basic, with the device being attached to the penis much the same way as the penis pump, except without tube. The device also attaches a soft rubber ring around the head of the penis. The device is then tightened slightly, and a gentle tension is placed on the penis. Penile stretcher devices operate on the scientific principle of traction to supply lengthy and hard manhood. The point is to apply continual pressure to penile cells so they break , multiply and develop naturally

The amount of time spent and the amount of tension applied are the two primary factors that determine how fast the penis will grow. Many men also choose to use penis enlargement supplements to increase the effects, such as with the ProExtender System™.

Making it permanent

Achieving an increase in penis size is the major goal for buyers of these devices. The continued use of penis pumps speaks to their effectiveness as a temporary solution. Pumps appear, however, to be mostly limited to gaining a temporary erection for sex.

The ProExtender™ traction device is used as a permanent solution, using established medical techniques. Size gains from traction are clinically tested and proven.


Although it has been suggested that vacuum pumping the penis may result in slight gains in penis size if used constantly over many years, this has not been proven with clinical tests. These devices are fine for temporary penis enlargement. Traction devices like ProExtender™ are the clear choice for permanent penis enlargement.

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