How To Increase Penis Size in 3 easy steps

How To Increase Penis Size in 3 easy steps

I know there are many information’s out there on how to increase penis size but what I am about to share with you right now is a basic proven and tested approach that works. If you need an advance guide to penis enlargement then I recommend you go through this guide as it contains more comprehensive resources that will definitely make you increase the size of your dick.

With that said let me give you three easy steps that you can use right now to increase the size of your penis.

Increase Penis Size

Step 1:  mastering the PC flex. If you don’t know about the pec flex you can ask any lady, they will tell you that the PC flex is the muscle that decides when and when not to urinate.

So learning how to make your PC muscle stronger will give you a very powerful erection and ultimately permanently increase the size of your dick.

It will also help you send more blood flow to your penis and that will increase your penis width. sound great right?

Step 2: The second step to increasing your penis size is to know the kind of food to eat! This is so important and yet so many people miss it. Do you know that taking dark chocolate help to improve your sex drive? and because of its high concentration of cacao which helps to send blood to your penile. The reasons you need a lot of blood circulation around your dick is because the penis needs blood to get erect. The more blood it has there, the more erect it gets and the longer it stays erect.

Here are some foods that help to increase the size of your penis:

a) Banana: Bananas contains an adequate amount of potassium and sodium needed to aid the proper circulation of blood into your penis. Consuming this on a regular basis will, in the long run, give you that wonderful penis length you have been craving for.

b) Onions: Since the most important you need to help you get an increased penis size is regular blood flow then eating onions becomes paramount. I know not too many people like onions that much but in this case, you would have to bear the displeasure at least till you get your desired result.

There is another food too like ginger that helps to increase blood circulation.

Step 3.Penis exercise: There another penis workout that you need to perform. This is good because you can do all of this in the bathroom while having your shower in under 5 mins and within 3 months you will start gaining almost times two of your present dick or penis size.

One exercise you can perform is to take a hold of your penis head by making the shape of the letter O with your index and thumb. of course, you do this when you are not erect as to avoid any harm to yourself.

Then extend the head of your penis and stretch it, then hold if for about 20 seconds.

Then massage your penis slightly, do this again, stretching your penis for the same 20 seconds from left to right, up and down again and again for about 5 minutes.

Another exercise is called Jelq exercise. This requires you to get baby oil which is not expensive. Unlike the previous exercise this time around you should be aroused by 60-80%.

Then once again use an O grip and slightly stretch your penis. this time, concentrate on pushing the blood upward to your penis head, do this for about 30 times, every day for the seven days.

Then rest for a day and do it again every day for 2 months. You will find yourself adding some extra inch to your penis length.

Furthermore, there is the “backwards method”. I do not usually recommend this to people as it rather complex and a bit dangerous so I advise you seek help from a professional before doing it. All you need do is:

* Use your thumb and pull the skin of your dick back towards your body and use your other finger to support the shaft.

* Stay that way for at least 10 seconds

* Keep doing this for at least 5 minutes a day and in no time, you will get your desired result. (Remember to seek help first before doing this as it can be a little tricky. Lastly,  there is the circular rotation. This method is a little bit similar to the stretching method but there are slight differences.

* Bring out your dick using one hand

* Quickly rotate it in a preferred position of yours

* Continue in that same position for at least 30 seconds

.* Stop and start rotating in another direction

* Keep doing this for at least 5 times each day.

So there you have it, a simple technique for increasing your penis length.

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