Do Penis Enlargement Methods Work?


Do Penis Enlargement Methods Work, and Should You Use Them?

The penis enlargement industry has grown to become quite popular, with anything from simple stretching exercises, to products like penis pumps, as well as length enhancement pills and lotions being readily available on the internet for purchase.
Many of these products are quite expensive, yet they’re still getting a lot of attention, and there’s no surprise why. After all, there are very few men out there who wouldn’t like to add at least 1-2 inches to their penis size.

But are these penis enlargement products and techniques worth all the effort and expense?

Do they work, and are they safe enough to use in the long run?

How Effective Are Most Standalone Techniques?

People looking for penis growth pills and various tools such as penis pumps often try to focus on a single, standalone method. While overlooking the obvious: that adding a few inches to your penis is not a simple, superficial problem, and you need a thorough plan in place, if you want some real results.
But let’s examine this issue for a moment, and see how some of the best penis enlargement methods and products may perform:
Pills and topically applicable supplement lotions – creams and penis growth pills are probably the most popular enhancement products on the market. Still, their notoriety doesn’t prove they are effective, and there are no known studies that show them to add those extra inches as advertised.

  • Physical techniques and exercises – stretching exercises and other similar techniques can be a great aid for improving penis size when used together with special diets. However, as a standalone method, they are far less efficient, and while some of them have some muscle building benefits, they won’t help you achieve the desired effects.
  • Penis pumps and other products – these are products designed to alter the blood flow to your penis to improve blood circulation and allow more nutrients to flow in, improving sperm production, erection size, endurance and stamina. While effective for a limited time, penis pumps do not represent a viable long term penis enlargement method, and they can even be harmful in the long run.
  • Diets and supplement pills are lesser known methods, but they can be quite efficient when used properly. Nevertheless, great care has to be taken with regards to the substances and foods used, and the learning curve is pretty difficult.

All in all, there are a few simple clues that will show you if a product or technique is probably a scam or just ineffective:

  • They are overhyped;
  • They’re advertised to work within 2-3 weeks;
  • The penis growth results they are advertised for are grossly exaggerated;
  • They can also be overpriced and marketed to be taken/used recurrently.


A Complete Set of Methods

The good news is that penis enhancement can work, and there are some truly effective techniques out there that, over time, can help you add up to 3 inches to your current penis size. That may be an impressive claim, but what is the secret to it?
The actual solution is in the process that happens during puberty when the penis grows to its “target” size through a sophisticated and smart nutrition-inducing enhancement created by the body.
The Penis Enlargement Bible (PEBible) is a thorough and extremely useful guide known to have shown real results in providing nutritional, supplemental and exercise related advice and tips for building a complete and practical strategy designed to induce real penis growth in a fair amount of time.
Although the time required may be longer than what other products would claim, this is the best system for actual penis enlargement. The PEBible can achieve maximum growth by combining the best natural methods out there in an intelligent, robust and tested strategy that guarantees you’ll be able to add those extra inches without side effects and with permanent results.

For more information read The Penis Enlargement Bible

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