The Natural Ways To Increase Penis Girth

The Natural Ways To Increase Penis Girth And Make Penis Longer Permanently

penis girth

Very simply, it’s a penis enlargement exercise program that focuses on not just a single technique, but dozens of them.

I’ve developed a pretty thick skin when it comes to penis enlargement or male enhancement products overall. I’ve purchased more than one product that didn’t live up to its claim. Fortunately, the penis advantage was much better than I had thought it would be at first.

To start off with, as you can see in the video, they break everything down for you. One of the things I really liked about it was that they gave you a very clear explanation of what you needed to do, and how you needed to do it. More than just that though, they also explained all sorts of advanced exercises and techniques that you can use to customize a workout for yourself and your needs.

Really, it’s pretty amazing that they packed so much information into a product this price. The closest program I’ve found to this was $199, so at less than half the price – The penis advantage is definitely a great product, and priced much more competitively than it’s closest competitor.

The only real downside to the penis advantage that I noticed was that the gains didn’t come as quickly as I hoped. When I started using their “Beginner” workout, the enhancement techniques didn’t hurt at all – but took about 6 or 7 days before the results started to show.

By the second week into the penis advantage, I really hit a “Growth Spurt” and added about an inch and a half. Now into week 3, the gains are still coming on.

At first, I noticed that I was hanging a little lower, and a little fuller throughout the day. My erections were also a LOT harder than they had been before I started using the Penis Advantage.

Now, I’m adding significant “Girth” or width as well as the length that I was gaining at first. I’m really excited to see where things go from here. In week 7, I’ll be able to use a lot of the advanced enlargement exercises that they show you, and maybe I’ll get into some of the customized workouts as well.

There is no shortage of methods to try, that’s for sure. It really does a good job of covering the “Off Topics” of penis enlargement as well.

They have specific sections for things like curve correction. That’s if your penis “Curves” a lot in any given direction, you can use these techniques to reduce how much it “Hooks.”

There’s a section for pre-ejaculation that covers that topic if you have some concerns there. They also cover things like lubes, and “Dry” enlargement techniques as well.

Really, it seems that they are really focused on your gains and your success with their system. Normally, in the past, I’ve bought these manuals and never got the level of information they give you at this price. The only thing that comes close to delivering this level of information was about $200, so they are definitely delivering an awesome value.

Overall, I’d rate the penis advantage a solid 4.5 out of 5 starsHere’s what I liked:

– Definitely effective

– Very good value for the money

– Easy to understand and clear directions on how to get started.

– The forum is awesome!


What’s up guys? I’m into week 5 now and I am now up another inch! Since starting about a month ago, I’ve added almost three inches in length and about an inch in girth. I’m defiantly impressed and would recommend the system to anyone.

Let me just sum up three big reasons you need to get the penis advantage if you still aren’t a member yet

You Get Permanent, Lasting Gains In Size!  Once you start using the penis advantage, your penis just keeps getting BIGGER AND BIGGER! I’m shocked at how well it works!

Huge Boost In Your Sex Life! If you want attention from your girlfriend AND ALL OF HER FRIENDS, this will get it! My girlfriend keeps talking about how big I’ve gotten, and keeps telling her friends how huge I am, I love it! I caught one checking out my package through my pants already!

You will be able to last longer in bed. A surprising benefit is the big boost in stamina in the sack. Imagine the look on her face when you spend 40 minutes pounding the hell out of her with your new big cock! Trust me, it’s priceless!

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The methods of natural penis enlargement and lengthening are becoming more and more popular these days. The growing interest in these tips and techniques is quite understandable: more and more male persons become concerned about the length and size of their penis and begin looking for efficient methods to improve them, especially those that work for men of all ages. In this short but informative article we will take a closer and more detailed look at most popular natural penis enlargement and lengthening methods and techniques.

First of all you should get familiar with some interesting facts related to the topic of penis enlargement and lengthening:

1. As was established by statistical research, the average length of an adult male penis is 5.9 inches in erected state.

2. According to the common belief, one person out of ten in the age group over forty encounters problems with erection dysfunction or even suffers from total impotence.

3. Thousands of male persons address sexual therapists and seek psychological counselling in connection with penis size problems every year.

4. Practically every male person that suffers from penis size related problems can successfully increase his penis size in a simple, safe and all-natural way by using one of special methods recently developed.

The key issue to the successful natural penis enlargement and lengthening is the improvement and stimulation of the blood circulation. The whole system of natural penis enlargement and lengthening depends totally on the blood circulation increase, which makes additional volumes of blood flow to the area of male genitals and through the tissues of the penis shaft.

In brief, the popular and well-proven systems of natural penis size enhancement and lengthening can be described in the following way:

The First Technique for Natural Penis Enlargement and Lengthening: System of Exercises for Natural Enhancement of Penis Size.

The system of exercises for natural penis size increase and enhancement contains several steps and exercise methods. The practicing of the system, disregarding the differences in some methods, always includes a warm up stage, then the stage of exercises directed at lengthening of the penis and, finally, a cool down stage. In this respect the penis lengthening system is similar to all other conventional exercise workouts.

It goes without saying that practicing the system of natural penis enlargement exercise demands persistence, determination and devotion; it requires regularity of exercising and, therefore, is ideally suited to men who have a lot free time to devote it to practicing the enlargement system.

By regularly practicing the special exercises directed at enlargement and lengthening of the penis, the practitioner literally stimulates his penis to let additional blood volumes into its cavities. Such “training” of the manhood, if done correctly and according to regular schedule, ultimately brings beneficial effects of larger penis size and much improved erections.

One of the most popular and well-tested systems of penis enhancement exercises is called the Jelq. Due to its popularity, the Jelq has become practically the common name for all penis enlargement exercise in general. Basically, the principle of the Jelqing is very simple. It requires making rhythmic, slow pulling movements on the penis in outward direction. The movements, if performed correctly and systematically, gradually stimulate the increase of blood inflow volumes to and through the entire penis shaft. The number of varieties of natural Penis Enlargement exercises is rather wide, but they all have one basic technique in common. Pulling movements lead to enhanced girth and length of the penis shaft thanks to increased blood flow through the penis tissues. The only requirement for getting excellent results is practicing the Jelq on an ongoing basis. As they say, “Practice Makes Perfect!”

As we have already mentioned, the penis enlargement exercises require availability of free time to practice them regularly. That means they would be not perfect for busy persons who cannot afford the luxury of spending extra time on them. Such people will have to look for some other method for permanent penis enlargement that does not involve so much free time.

The Second Technique for Natural Penis Enlargement And Lengthening: Cosmetic Penile Surgery for Penis Enhancement

This method, often referred to as phalloplasty, brings permanent results, but has two serious disadvantages: firstly, the surgery costs a pretty penny, so a person should be seriously concerned about his penis size in order to produce as much as $10,000 for the whole procedure to increase the size of their penis with cosmetic surgery. Secondly, it involves risks of side-effects and the final result of the surgery is never guaranteed 100%.

For instance, the penile cosmetic surgery involves cutting of a penis ligament. This part of male anatomy attaches the penis to the pubic bone. By cutting the ligament a part of penis, previously hidden inside the body, emerges out and becomes visible, so the whole penis shaft begins to look longer than before. Of course, technically the penis remains the same length it used to be. Cutting of the ligament may lead to erections that are directed to the side or downward.

The Third Technique for Natural Penis Enlargement And Lengthening: Traction Penis Extenders. On the contrary to the cosmetic penile surgery, this method is not so expensive, penis extenders may cost up to $400. But they give results that are no better than those of cosmetic surgery. Another advantage of the extenders is absence of possible harmful side-effects. The extenders are light-weight and do not require lots of free time to use them. Just attach the gadget on the penis correctly and adjust the traction force. The result depends on the daily periods of time when the extender is worn. The longer you wear it, the sooner you will get the desired results. However, it is advised to wear a penis extender for only six hours a day.

The Forth Technique for Natural Penis Enlargement And Lengthening: Penis Enlargement Medications (Pills, Creams, Sprays and Patches)

Penis enhancement medications are an efficient way to solve the problem with increasing penis size and improving sexual stamina and performance in general. So, while you are thinking which method to give preference to, penis enhancement pills are an option that is well worth careful consideration. The most popular and well-reputed brands of penis enlargement pills are formulated from all-natural side-effects free botanical components: extracts of powerful herbs and tree bark. All those components have been proven by centuries of practice in folk medicine in China, Asia and Africa and elsewhere in the world. The best would be to use penis enlargement pills in combination with the Jelq exercises or traction extenders to get the maximum of benefit from them

By visiting the Web-site indicated below you will have a possibility to get familiar more information and useful facts related to natural penis enlargement and lengthening pills, which would be highly recommended!

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