Bathmate hydromax pump review

Bathmate Hydromax pump review

Longer duration and greater satisfaction for both partners! 

Hydromax is a 35% more power than the original penis pump used by over 1 million people worldwide. With a 92% user satisfaction rate, you can achieve lasting increases in size, erection quality, and safety. Part of our best selling Hydromax series.

The incredible power of water; in just 15 minutes, the Hydromax pump will give you a strong erection safely and controllably. Thanks to the bellows system, which provides a faster and more pleasant increase in size, with 35% more suction power than the previous model.

Benefits of Bathmate Hydromax

  • Easy to use – Add some water.
  • High-quality gaiters for skin safe and prevent pressure leaking
  • No side effect
  • Trusted brand and user-friendly, has been used by over 1 million men
  • Free shower strap accessory that allows the user easier to operate with one hand
  • Counteract the effects of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • Improve your personal and sexual security.
  • Improve your sexual potential.
  • Enhance penis length and thickness
  • Increase blood flow for penile health
  • Get hard as Rock erections
  • Has an effect on correcting bending penis
  • Produce stable and more power than regular vacuum pump
  • Safe, trustworthy, and certified performance.
  • 92% of users completely satisfied.
  • Free international shipping
  • 60-days Money-back guarantee with no question asked
  • One year warranty
  • Free upgrade to 2 years warranty

Does the Bathmate Hydromax really work?

A large majority of users have found that long-term use of Bathmate penis pumps provides increased benefits. Many users confirm that this water pump has helped to solve the small penis and erectile dysfunction’s problems.

The results you can expect from a Bathmate HydroMax:

Does Hydromax increase girth?
Does Hydromax increase length?

  • Up to 15% longer penis*
  • Up to 25% of penis thickness*
  • Improvement of the quality of the erection
  • The ability to last longer during sex

To obtain the best possible results in gains in size, quality of erection, and quality of orgasm, commitment, and time are necessary. It is enough with regular use in sessions of 10-15 minutes per day, including it in your bathroom routine.

*Penis enlargement is based on 6 months of use with 6 sessions every week. each session for about 15 minutes.

This pump is perfect for beginners

The HydroMax is perfect for men who have never tried penis pumping before and want to take it easy in the beginning before investing too much money in a Penomet or Hydroxtreme pump.

What size Bathmate Hydromax should I get?

Bathmate Hydromax Ppenis Pump Sizing Guide


Bathmate Hydromax3

Hydromax3 – The First-Ever Micropenis Pump

Ready to make a real change for your sex life? Hydromax3 is the first penis pump specifically designed for those affected by a micropenis. It gives you the full power of the world’s best-selling penis pumps in size designed to maximize gains for anyone measuring under 3 inches when erect.


Bathmate Hydromax5

If you measure around 5 inches or less when erect, you’ve found an ideal hydro pump option. With a robust water-based design, Hydromax5 generates real, lasting results.


Bathmate Hydromax7

Genuine results from the world’s most popular penis pump
The world’s best-selling penis pump, Hydromax7 means real results – guaranteed. Improving power, erection quality, and confidence, Hydromax7 is perfect if you measure between 5 and 7 inches or penis between 13 and 18 cm in erection.

Hydromax7 Wide Boy

Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy

Having a wide penis isn’t a bad thing. However, it can make it hard to find a penis pump that’s ideal for you, stopping you from building maximum gains. We’ve designed the Hydromax7 Wide Boy just for you, with an extra-wide chamber giving you maximum pressure and real, significant results.

The standard Hydromax7 unit accommodates for a girth up to 6.5 inches, but the Wide Boy goes even further, helping for any penis above this width. For a circumference greater than 16.5 cm.


Bathmate Hydromax9

Hydromax9 is one of our ultra-large hydro pumps, Hydromax9 will help you develop even more gains while building up a significant improvement for erection quality and lasting power. For those measuring between 7 and 9 inches when erect.


The effectiveness of Bathmate is real. That why the manufacturer gives the risk-free satisfaction guarantee, so if it is shown that after 60 continuous days of training with the device, there is no improvement in the general condition of the penis, your money is returned.

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