Working Method of Penis Extenders

Penis Enlargement Extender

Before we start talking about the method, let’s see what is the penis made of. Penis is made of three cylinders. Two of them are called as Corpora Cavernosa which is filled with blood when stimulated. There is one cylinder between the cavernous, it contains the cement. The principle method of penis extenders is to stretch the tissue slowly and continuously so that it will not cause any harm. Simply said, using traction to enlarge the penis is how extenders work.

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Changing Process of Penis Size

Every cell that is damaged by stretching process will be generated and replaced by new cells. These new cells will fill the space caused by the stretching. And by that, the amount of penis cell will increase and cause the size of the penis enlarge.

So, How Extenders Work?

This is how extenders work. Penis extenders usually made by two bars that are easy to adjust the pressure suitable and comfortable for you. By conducting a pulling force, penile tissue damaged. The body will automatically form new tissue to rebuild the damaged one. After a few days, the new tissue will build a greater size of the penis so that the blood rushes to the penis will increase. Blood has more space to be filled and will give you a fuller erection.

Penis Extenders

How Extenders Work is Supported by These Components

1. To support the base of the penis, penis extender has one saddle on one end.

2. Two adjustable telescoping bars along the extender to give a slow and gentle pulling force throughout the penis shaft.

3. On the other end, there is a silicon loop where the head of the penis will be inserted.

Penis extenders work slowly with methodical stretching force to lengthen and thicken your penis. Although the penis extenders pull and stretch the penis, the penis will grow thicker as well as longer. This is because the penile cells multiply overall to every direction.

How extenders work depends on the total time the extenders are worn and the amount of traction set. Remember that enlargement goes along with the traction but it is important to give some breaks for a period of time to avoid injury. Breaks will not diminish the final result, though.

Doctors are not required for how penis extenders work do not require any assistance and can be done in privacy. Penis extenders work faster if it is worn consistently. By knowing and understanding about how the extenders work will help you choose the right penis enlargement method and achieve optimal results.

The Penis Enlargement
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