Women who fake orgasm like a mechanical machine. Is She Faking?

Women who fake orgasm like a mechanical machine. Is She Faking? – If a female is feeling pressured what happens? Women usually fake it under these circumstances. This isn’t Monday night football; don’t do this sort of thing to her. Be calm and relaxed buddy, you are getting laid. Your first huddle has already been jumped. Studies show that 70% of women are faking orgasms. That means, chances are, your woman is too. Why put her through that? I mean, get a grip. It isn’t that damn important. IF she is faking then obviously you are doing something wrong. You could just be making her feel uncomfortable due to the fact she knows that you are waiting for her to scream in ecstasy. I will tell you how you can spot a faked orgasm.

First you have to understand how your woman achieves an orgasm.  Most women will achieve an orgasm with clitoral stimulation, while others need to have their G spot worked.  Usually women, who need their G spot fancied, won’t be able to have an orgasm if you stimulate their clitoris.  This can be true with women who need to have their clitoris stimulated to have an orgasm.

I had one girlfriend that couldn’t have an orgasm unless her clitoris was stimulated.  We could have sex for an hour and if I didn’t stimulate her clitoris, she wouldn’t get off. To know if your woman is faking, you need to know what makes her cum.  It is that simple.  If you are doing something that goes against your experiences and she cums, then chances are she is faking it.  If you are trying something new and she has an orgasm, there is a good chance she is faking it.  Keep that in mind while you observe her.

Women who fake orgasm

 There are plenty of ways to tell if your woman is faking it.

Mechanical moaning.  If she is moaning like what you would hear on a porn movie, chances are she is faking it.

Her noises don’t match what is going on.  If you are performing oral sex and you take a break for a second and she is still moaning, chances are she is faking it.  It is like someone who keeps on dancing after you turn the radio off.

You don’t feel her PC muscle gripping your penis.  If she is about to orgasm or having an orgasm, this will go nuts.  You will be able to feel it. Her breathing.  If she is breathing heavy while she has an orgasm, she will continue it for a little while.  If she can turn it off like a switch, she is probably faking it.

These things doesn’t mean that she is faking it for certain.  She might just actually be like this.  If she does all of these things though, I would assume she is faking.  Give her an Emmy award after you have sex and see how she reacts. Why is she faking it?  Well, once you understand why, you might be surprised.  Well, maybe not too surprised if you have a brain instead of like a bunch of cheese in your head like some guys.

Here is some reasons why she might fake it.

She may not have ever had an orgasm before.  Now, this might sound a little weird but it does happen in women.  I have known several women who have never had an orgasm.  I always try to convience them that I can give them one, but I never seem to score with these kind of chicks.   She gets sore really fast.  This could be because of her body type or because she doesn’t produce enough lube.  Some women have very thin vaginal walls. She thinks that it is so important to you. She is willing to fake it JUST FOR YOU!   This is why you don’t want to put too much pressure on the topic.  To me if you do, you are forcing her to lie to you.

 How can you stop her from faking?

You can be open and keep a direct line of coversation flowing.  This means you talk about what makes her have an orgasm.  You try to understand what you can do so she doesn’t have to fake it.  If you are kind and gentle with her, she will open up and tell you what you need to do.

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