Women feel more attracted to men with big penises

Study reveals that they like large penis more than tall men. Preference may have had consequences for the development of the male sexual organ.

Penis size is an biological characteristic of the man that includes to sexual appeal of women and may have played a task in its progression. Women feel more attracted to men with big penis, according to a paper published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences of the United States.

Women feel more attracted to men with big penises

“For a long time that this topic excites the imagination from the public,” says biologist Michael Jennions, the Australian National University in Canberra, who led the study. “If you look at the magazines which can be the kiosks, there are often articles with titles like Does on your penis size matter? “says the scientist, quoted by AFP, explaining that this team tried to address the matter from the point of view scientific.
“Biologists believe that before, when modern man used no clothes, women used on your penis size as a factor to choose the best partner for reproduction, but little has been done to test this hypothesis,” explains scientist. This hypothesis requires to consider that, through evolution, were chosen men with larger penises.
The Australian team experimented with assess this factor, however in a broader context in the male body. Scientists took into mind man’s height and shoulder width in relation to the width of the waist. Thus, built several figures, anatomically perfect men. They were varying the size of the flaccid penis, between 5 and 13 centimeters in total with proportional diameter; the peak between 1.63 and 1.87 meters; and shoulder width.

In all, 343 different figures were produced. Then, 105 heterosexual women, with the average age of 26 years took part in the study: 53 of 343 observed male figures in actual size chosen by lot, and caused by each of them values of a to seven, based on the degree of attraction they felt. The participants only knew we were holding entering a study on generic sexual attraction, were unaware how the objective was to assess whether on your penis size influenced the attraction girls have for men. Previous studies have shown that women prefer tall men with broad shoulders. The new work demonstrated that penis size is also important for sexual attraction, and confirmed which they prefer taller and espada?dos men. Although larger penises match a serious attraction, the increased attractiveness just isn’t as sharp from the 7.6 inches long you should definitely erect.

Further, the scientists found that the lure of on your penis size depended on the rest of the male body. “If a person has a small pear-shaped body [with wider waist than shoulders], a substantial penis will not increase your fri appeal , “adds Brian Mautz, co-author of this article. On the other hand, large penis greater attraction caused within a higher figure male shoulders or larger. “Our results support the hypothesis that sexual collection of women led to the evolution from the human penis larger” concludes.

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