What makes a penis be beautiful?

What makes a penis be beautiful

What makes a penis be beautiful?

 “Beautiful” is not the first attribute that comes to mind when thinking about penis. Still, scientists at the University of Zurich were curious to know: what are the characteristics of a beautiful genital, in the view of women?

The study, which was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, was to show various penis photos to 105 women, aged between 16 and 45 years. According to the ranking prepared by the researchers, these are the eight most decisive aspects to determine if a penis is nice to see:

1) A good cosmetic appearance in general (!!!)
2) by manicured pubic
3) Beautiful Penile Skin
4) Circumference
5) glans format
6) Length
7) scrotum appearance
8) Importance of the position and shape of urethra (the little hole)

The survey was conducted with the doctor order to optimize certain types of urethral surgery, but gives some valuable tips for men. Give to complete, for example, that bind more women to care and personal hygiene that for biological attributes such as length and the appearance of the scrotum.

So if you are male and have not a porno penis, can send away his neurosis!

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