The truth about penis enlargement creams

Who else wants to know the truth about penis enlargement creams?

My name is Candra Friday, I’m going to say you how I came across the probably most well-known penis enlargement creams and what are the effects I have accomplished with it.

penis enlargement creams

I m accurately a regular guy who has a girlfriend and a normal sexual life. My size wasn’t actually a problem (my penis has an average size). However, I was always thinking that possibly it would be best if it were a small bit bigger.

So I decided to try a product, and I have chosen a cream instead of other products. The product assured effects within a day, but the reality was another,  I yellow the cream every day as recommended, but I didn’t look at any effect of all. Moreover, it was pretty uncomfortable to sit and wait for a result, with your member full of cream.

>>>>  What I recommend you to try instead of creams.

I did this every day and have held back for an effect, but zero at all has changed, my sized remained the same. I got to say, it was actually disappointing and I don’t recommend to anyone to purchase such a cream unless you are willing to give your money on the window.

After a couple of months, I determined to try something different, this time, I was searching for something to enlarge penis naturally, no creams or devices. As far as I know from different sources (not from the vendors), penis enlargement devices are not recommended, because they are only  extending  the penis. However, a blood flow will be not enhanced, so it’s obvious that no growth can be accomplished.

That s why I was searching for and get also found a natural solution. The site assured a growth between one and four inches without pills, pumps or surgery. However, let me say you something: ALL of this site are promising results, but I believe that most of them are a scam and will not have their promises.

The site besides came with a money back guarantee, which is a good sign, and had many testimonials.

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After considering about it for a time, I have finally convinced myself that I can’t lose anything (because of the guarantee) and get ordered the system. The system takes an interesting exercise program, and I began to use it right away.

The site says that it takes 6 minutes a day, it took a small bit longer for me (about 8 minutes), but it looks like I m making some effects. After 4 workweeks, my member grew from 6.2 inches to 7.3, so I gained 1.1 in (that s about 2.8 cm). However, the site said that one can get between one and 4 inches, and I have only achieved the lower bound.

This takes me believe that the system isn’t complete; however, you can accomplish effects with it. 1.1 in gain is pretty good for me, even if it’s the smaller bound.

My conclusion: if you are looking to buying penis enlargement products, you should avoid creams because they won’t help you. You should select instead a natural exercise, which may not be perfect, but it takes important effect.

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