The Jelqing Exercise: The Perfect And Most Effective Way To Get A Bigger Penis

The Jelqing Exercise: The Perfect And Most Effective Way To Get A Bigger Penis

Every man with an average sized penis knows a little or so about Jelqing. The jelqing exercise has over the years become a very reliable means of attempting to grow a man’s penis and rather than fail at such attempts, the results gotten as a result of series of jelqing has been mind-blowing.

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What really is Jelqing?

According to Jelqing (normally pronounced as Jel-king) is the most natural penis enlargement exercise where a man is seen squeezing and stroking his penis in order to allow enough blood-flow to the tip of the penis. Jelqing is more like a massage is done to the body, just that this time rather than focusing on the entire body, the main focus is on the penis. Jelqing is an exercise done to the penis to help improve its overall length and girth making it more robust and special for you and your woman.

The word “Jelqing” was reportedly gotten from a Persian slang Jaldh zadan which is known as masturbation. And yes, jelqing is very similar to masturbation the only difference being that you don’t ejaculate while jelqing as is the case when masturbating.

Jelqing involves the same process as milking a cow; simply grab your penis, and start stroking it upwards and downwards allowing for enough blood flow to pass through the penis.

 How Does A Guy Begin Jelqing?

Learning how to jelq isn’t brain surgery; it is very easy to learn and once you have, you are good to go. Below is a penis jelqing routine you can try out for yourself:

Step 1: Get a towel and immerse into warm water. Squeeze out excess water from the towel until the towel is damp . Take the already damp towel and wrap it round your cock for up to two minutes. Do this for at least three to four times, doing this will lessen the likelihood of getting injured during the jelqing exercise as enough blood would have stored up in your penis area.

Step 2: Ensure you do not have an already erect penis before starting the jelqing exercise as having it may destroy some tissues in your penile area. You are meant to get erect during the jelqing process and not before the exercise so be very careful.

Step 3: Get baby oil or Vaseline and rub it on your penis to ease lubrication when jelqing.  Please when doing this, steer clear of soap or even shampoos as they can make your penis sore.

Step 4: Using your index finger and thumb create a ring round the base of your penis and start rubbing your penis upwards towards the tip. Do this repeatedly making sure that each stroke lasts, at least, two seconds.

If in the process of jelqing you become fully erect, stop and pause for a while till the erection ceases . To try reducing the erect state of your penis, you can hit it against your thigh.

Note: Jelqing is a long process for increasing penis size but since it is natural, the chances of having a side effect are very minimal. It is far better than opting for surgery and for this reason you should be prepared to keep jelqing till you start seeing results.

Try to record at least 250-300 jelqs daily using very little strength. When jelqing, you might experience some pains in your penis area and some bruises also as the case maybe. In the case where you experience any of the following, stop jelqing for at least two days or till when the pain ceases and pick up from there.

 What Lubricants Can You Use When Jelqing?

There are over a thousand and one lubricants out there, but which of them works best when trying to jelq? Listed below are some of the lubricants that can aid jelqing exercises:

a) KY Jelly

b) Cocoa Butter extract

c) Vaseline

d) Udder cream

e) Baby oil gel

f) Astroglide

Like I did mention earlier, never use soaps or shampoos as lubricants. Your penis will definitely react to it and it might destroy some veins in the penis area after use so try to steer clear of them and never use them.Jelqing Variations

The Jelqing exercise is so broad that you can choose several variations from.

Some of the variations includes:

Side Jelq

The 1 Handed jelq

The V Jelq

The Mini JelqsIs

Jelqing Safe For You?

I believe if you follow all I have shared with you here, your jelqing experience should be one with lots of amazing and productive stories. Remember to always warm up before jelqing (the warm water and towel method) and don’t forget to always pay attention to your body once started.

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