Sex and muscles

How often should have sex and may or not have sex before training? All about the influence of sex and masturbation in strength indicative and muscle growth.

sex and muscles

Sex and testosterone levels

There is no secrete how the increase libido and sexual desire frequent are based on the increased testosterone level. Testosterone, thus, is the main hormone for muscle growth and its level in the body is low, it becomes virtually impossible to pump the muscles.

Since the power of sport increase the level of testosterone, this leads to increased sexual activity, so the spontaneous erection and sexual desire are direct indicators of a high level of this hormone.

How many times a week is required sex

Research studies of Zhejiang University, 28 students performed showed that without ejaculation, the level of testosterone is maintained within 6 days, then falls sharply on the seventh day and will considerably smaller each day .

This shows that a healthy male body requires a weekly ejaculation, in other words, sex or masturbation once a week. If not this week ejaculation, the testosterone level decreases and negatively affect both the health and the muscles.

Masturbation impact on muscles

The high level of testosterone and the consequent sexual desire without the satisfaction of even lead to increased cortisol – the stress hormone responsible for the destruction of the muscles. The hormone prolactin, secreted during sex, lock this process.

Given that prolactin is released after sex or orgasm, so the body does not care if reaches orgasm alone or not. In other words, this is further evidence that masturbation is not only not harmful, as it is healthy.

Excess impact of sex on the muscles

The sperm has enough zinc, the body loses each ejaculation. Since zinc is required for the production of testosterone in case of ingestion of deficient mineral, male hormone decreases.

A recommended daily intake of 10 to 30 mg of zinc depends on the age and degree of activity. Bran, whole wheat or pumpkin seeds contain large amounts of zinc. But the beef liver also has, but in smaller quantities.

Do or not sex before training? – That is the Question!

As we have said, after sexual activity the male body releases oxytocin and prolactin, which have a relaxing effect on the body, improve mood and decrease depression, but unfortunately also decrease libido and testosterone levels.

This is exactly why it is not recommended to have sex or masturbate in 4 or 5 hours before sports practice and especially prior to strength training. Easy, relaxation and low testosterone are not the best helpers.

Sex after training

There are scientific research (2) showing that the male body needs ejaculate within one hour after the workout ends. According to one theory, this helps improve the immune system and accelerates recovery.

In addition, the level of testosterone at the moment is at its maximum, which positively affects sexual desire, that is, it seems that sex had after the workout is the most passionate and healthy.

Sex helps you lose weight

Sex helps you lose weight?

One of the most frequently asked questions related to sex refers to the calories burned in their practice. In fact, the practice of sex does not spend so many calories may seem – about 300 kcal per hour. And admit that account for a minute sex is to be very optimistic.

But, as already mentioned, sex has a positive effect on hormone levels of man, mainly in the production of testosterone, responsible for muscle growth and the reduction of adipose tissue. Thus, sex can be in fact useful.

Scientific studies show that just a week without sex or masturbation to verify a negative effect on the male sex hormone levels – testosterone. It is therefore important to ejaculate or reach orgasm at least once every seven days.


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