ProExtender® Penis Enlargement – It’s Not a Big Deal

Penis Enlargement – It’s Not a Big Deal

As DanaLife announce the global launch of ProExtender, they are not only promoting a new product for all men but the idea that taboos surrounding penis enlargement should be a thing of the past.


Why ProExtender?

In a world where 55% of men are reportedly unhappy with their penis size, and in a society where it remains one of the last remaining taboos of male culture, the team at ProExtender believes that men are searching for a solution, but are often unclear where to find the answer. It’s a myth that penis enlargement is only for men who think their penis is too small – men with above average penis lengths also want more.
Two years ago, a study was carried out by surgeons at St Peter’s Andrology Centre in London, which found that the majority of men who underwent penis surgery were unhappy with the results.
Experts were quick to comment. In a BBC news article Yoram Vardi, of the Rambam Medical Centre in Israel, said: “We now know that the majority of these patients are dissatisfied after these procedures. Should research be directed toward non? surgical options.”
DanaLife have done just that. During the past years, DanaLife’s own research and clinical trials have proven that with ProExtender, there is a non? the surgical solution that can guarantee the increase in penis length, and what’s more, it can be achieved at home. ProExtender works with a starting length that ranges from 2 inches to 11 inches, appealing to all men, whatever their penis size.
The medical team who designed ProExtender work hard with men who can envisage what they want, but can’t see how to achieve it. Their company aim is to help men see through the mists of misinformation that can often obscure the way to self-enhancement. At best, spam emails promising larger penises through operations can leave men with unrealistic expectations, at their very worst, they result in men undergoing procedures that can ultimately cause physical harm. The ProExtender belief is that a new approach to penis enlargement can only be attained through straight talking, and by open and honest communication. DanaLife has designed a product that provides a safe, affordable and totally reliable solution to the question of penis enlargement.

ProExtender® Explained – The Big Idea

The body’s ability to grow has been utilized for aesthetic and medical purposes for thousands of years, and ProExtender uses this natural process to encourage penis enlargement.
The result of years of research and development, ProExtender uses a traction device that performs mechanical stretching to the penis, promoting natural cell division and causing tissue to multiply. Fully adjustable, ProExtender can apply 1200 to 2800 grams of weight to the penis, controlling enlargement in both length and width. Harnessing the body’s propensity for growth, the process of cell division is entirely natural, and the penis tissue created is permanent.
ProExtender? A safe, painless penis enlarger that is easy to use, no? invasive and proven to work.

ProExtender® history

The idea that inspired ProExtender has formed as a result of a medical breakthrough 14 years ago. A team of plastic surgeons discovered that, by promoting cell division, mechanical stretching aided post?operative tissue growth for patients who had undergone penile enlargement procedures. A traction device was constructed to help prevent unwanted side effects and penile retraction following surgery, but clinical trials demonstrated that this same natural process could be used on any man wanting to achieve penile enlargement, whatever their starting penis size which has since sold more than 250,000 units globally.

Over time, this traction encourages multiplication of cells in the penis and growth of new penile tissue. Guys get bigger and thicker with ProExtender®, with a company they trust, and a mechanism used by doctors in 29 countries.

ProExtender® is the real deal. It’s used in 60 public hospitals and private clinics in Spain alone and has helped hundreds of thousands of guys get bigger where it counts and feel like an alpha male.

The Next Generation

Though inspired by a medical concept and supported by scientific evidence, ProExtender products are far from clinical. DanaLife’s experts have designed the next generation of penis enlargement devices with both form and function in mind.
Beneath ProExtender’s lightweight, all?in?one and organic design lie a patented double traction system proven to yield results.
ProExtender is easy to use, comfortable and discreet, without sacrificing performance. And designed after years of scientific research and rigorous testing, ProExtender is a piece of cutting-edge technology that doesn’t sacrifice cost either.
With prices starting at €129, penis enlargement with ProExtender is not a big deal? it’s a great deal.

Order ProExtender® And Change Your Status Right Now!

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