The Proextender device works under the principle of forces causing your body to create new tissue that will elongate the penis size. When the constant, gentle stretch force is applied to the penis, your body will actually create new tissue to relieve the pressure. As a result, you will see the gains in your penis size both in length and girth.


This kind of “stretch technique” has been used for centuries by tribes-people to modify their body parts (such as lips, neck, ears etc…), as well as being used by modern surgeons today to create and expand the tissues for reconstructive surgery.

The operation for ProExtender is quite simple, with the device being attached to your penis, something like the way a the penis pump is attached, except without the tube. The ProExtender device also attaches a soft rubber ring around the head of the penis, which is then tightened slightly, causing a gentle tension being placed on your penis.

The amount of time wearing the device is actually the main factor that will determine how fast your penis will grow. The longer periods of time you wear it, the faster the results will be. Some men also like to take enhancement pills to speed up the enlargement process, such as what comes with the ProExtender full system.

By using established medical techniques, the Proextender is recommended by many Urologists as a permanent solution in penis enlargement. Size gains from traction are clinically tested and proven. Unlike the vacuum pumps that will only bring you temporary results, a traction device like Proextender definitely is the best choice for men who want to get a larger penis size permanently.

As it is being recommended by Physicians and is used by Urologists and Plastic Surgeons in over 29 countries, the Proextender system is bound to advance itself as the most efficient device in providing safe and permanent penis enlargement gains.

This is the best enlargement system around. This exclusive system is the best way for you to enhance your penis size naturally, effectively and permanently.

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