Penis Size Matter?

Eating habits study scientific research: the foot size affect your penis size? What’s your average Penis size? Why the penis of athletes is bigger? and Size is important to women?

“Would you like to increase your penis?”

A research performed at the University of California with 52,000 participants revealed that 85% of women are pleased with your penis size of its partners, however only 55% of men surveyed were happy with how big their dick.

66% of men surveyed characterized the size of your sexual member as median, 22% and 12% as large as small. Substantially 45% of men showed want to increase your penis and only 0.2% admitted to want to reduce it. Furthermore, we detected a correlation between penis size and self-esteem.

Size Matter

Concern own body

If asked the men interviewed to answer as they relate to the body. The result was as follows:

“I have a perfect body”     6%;

“I have a good body”       47%;

“I have a normal body”   36%;

“I have an ugly body”        11%.

25% responded that they feel safe swimming trunks on the beach, 59% that they are not perfect, but that does not stop to show off on the beach; and 17% who do not feel comfortable on the beach. It is obvious that these men do not only care about the body, but also the size.

Influence of the complex in the assessment

Adding the results, one can say that participants with low levels of subcutaneous fat responded that the size of your sexual member is above normal and the reverse also occurred: participants with high levels of subcutaneous fat are said to have a size of below average .

Once you have the data of the participants and their relationship as their own bodies, who, by overweight account, afraid to get naked in front of a girl is more likely to be seen more critically, transferring your insecurities to the size of penis.

The larger the size, the larger self-esteem?

There are other studies that confirm that men who underestimate their appearance, body and face, are more inclined to also underestimate the size of the member itself. But could not indicate which one is the cause and which is the consequence.

It is likely that the issue size is not the size itself (the idea that one size means greater self-esteem), but the way the person sees himself, as this same study shows that with age concern with respect to size decreases.

Average size of the penis

If it is to talk about size, so it’s important to say that there is a difference between the results of direct measurement values ​​and the value passed by the subject and without any proof. It is natural that in the latter case is considerably greater size.

According to measurement studies,

the average size of the erect penis is 13.5 cm:

68% of men between 11,7cm and 15.2cm;

13.5% between 9,7cm and 11.4cm;

13.5% between 15,5cm and 17,3cm;

2.5% of the measurement results greater than or equal to 9.4 cm 17.5 cm

The foot size is related to the penis?

A series of anthropological studies show no correlation between foot size, or the length of the finger, and the size of your sexual body. However, studies show a relationship between the height and the length of the penis.

The higher the man, the greater the chance that your size is above average (which is logical, since in principle it has the most long extremities). Interestingly, the fattest participants in a series of cases showed smaller size.

Size does matter to women?

The study by the University of California shows that only 9% of women do not care about penis size, as 67% said that the “ability” – the partner’s technical and the commitment it in the process – is arguably more important.

Most women are inclined to look at the penis size of their partner as “average” – so said 67% of women. 27% consider the partner’s size as “above average” and only 6% as “below average”. And only 2% would like to increase that size.

Concern about the sexual attraction often includes concern about penis size. Men more sure of themselves are more inclined to consider your big penis, but for women, the sex of the technique is more important than the size of the tool.

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