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Penis exercise seeking a daily basis, many men looking for a way to improve their sexual performance to allow an intense and satisfying sexual experience. The approach pursued here are very different and in fact for the penis exercises only partially successful. The results of penis exercises are essentially dependent on which is the purpose of the penis workout. Firstly, an attempt is made ​​with techniques of natural penis lengthening a penis to achieve that is to be reflected both penis length, and the penis thickness.On the other hand, there are exercises that serve the pelvic floor muscles to train and strengthen the so-called PC muscle, thus enabling a better and longer lasting erection and also to be able to control ejaculation. In the following, the different penis exercises and possible successes will be discussed and an exemplary training plan for the penis will be explained. Catch it while gently and slowly and increase it week after week in the intensity and duration of exercise.

Techniques for natural penis extension (stretching and jelqing)

Jelq step


The Jelqing is one of the most well-known techniques for penis enlargement and is said to come from the Arab region, even if the exact origin is disputed. When Jelqing blood is usually pressed into the corpora cavernosa of the penis and as a hand “milked” by a hand movement dilation of the blood vessels achieved. This should result in tissues that are to heal once they form new tissue and thus lead to a natural penis enlargement small microcracks. During the exercise, the penis should be halberigiert to an already increased blood flow to have as a basis. In no way should be a fully erect penis, because the maximum blood flow through the Jelqing would mean too much pressure on the tissue and greater damage could cause the erectile tissue.

Procedure: Make up with your thumb and index finger a ring (similar to the “OK sign”) just above the penis. To reinforce the pressure of the middle finger may be added. Now move your hand with slight pressure slowly (5-10 seconds) in the direction of the glans. When you arrive on the glans, set back with the other hand on the penis and repeat the movement. With practice, the result is a fluid movement. If pain occurs, the applied pressure may be too high. Should remain with less pressure, the pain, you should stop the practice first. To make the Jelqing pleasant, many users have begun, etc. to moisten the penis with lotion, lubricant and perform so-called wet jelqing.However, the penis exercises can also be carried out dry.

Possible results: About the expected results, there are opposing opinions. While partially maintained by Jelqing is a penis enlargement is not expected and at best a temporary effect, many users report that they are also durable her lengthen penis could. According to the experience reports an increase of several cm should be possible. The exact results, however, depend on many factors and can not be fixed price determined. After a few weeks, however, should first successes in the form to be recorded that veins more prominent and longer and harder erection is possible.According to unconfirmed reports, the Jelqing is also a so-called penis deviation counter (curvature of the penis). 
Note: In the first days with jelqing, the hardness of the erection degrade slightly. This effect is, however, due to short-lived and the unusual dilation of the blood vessels.


The principle of stretching is of course the most familiar already: Through a continuous stretching an extension to be brought about. Based on the penis is this extension for a place at the visible part of the penis. On the other hand, the strain affects the non visible part of the penis under the skin, in case of adequate strain also has a visible external extension of the limb result.

Penis StretchingProcedure: In contrast to the Jelqing Strechting of the penis in the flaccid state is executed. You make like the jelqing again a ring of index finger and thumb, but this time set to just below the glans.Hold the penis shaft now and pull the penis at an angle of 90 ° slowly away from the body. Proceed cautiously and slowly increase the stretch. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds each and then gently shake the penis to get the blood circulation upright. Now go to About to pull the penis in other directions away from the body. 
For beginners, a training period of about 5 minutes is suitable.Advanced should not exceed a period of 15 minutes.

Possible results: As with Jelqing accurate results are also not predict when stretching because they are influenced by many factors. Users report also of significant increases in penis size . In most cases, the stretching is not applied alone, but practiced in a penis training plan together with the jelqing.

Techniques to improve erection and ejaculation control (PC muscle and pelvic floor muscles)

Many men turn successfully exercises that the exercise pelvic floor muscles and especially strengthen the PC muscle. As a result, longer and harder erections when erect penis and show the possibility to control ejaculation and so delay the orgasm or more experience.

Procedure: To trainineren the PC muscle, you must first learn where the PC muscle is and how you can hook him. You can do this simply urinate try to temporarily stop the beam without tightening the buttocks or thighs. The muscle that lets you do this, the PC muscle. For the PC muscle training, it is advisable for a solid workout plan the muscle for each fixed repetition lengths and tighten.You can divide in short tensing of 1-2 seconds, mean tensing of 5-10 seconds long and tensioning with a duration of 20-30 seconds. As a beginner, it will be difficult for circumstances to flex the PC muscle at all longer than 1-2 seconds. In this case, you can increase your performance just until you can master all the stressing lives. The training of the PC muscle can be performed without problems during other activities, such as a desk or in the car.

Possible outcomes: Regular exercise the PC muscle leads at each user to a strengthening of the muscle, which is associated with the erect penis and a harder erection and prolongs the duration of the erection. Additionally it provides you the opportunity to control the orgasm and to maintain the erection in spite of suppressed ejaculation orgasm. So you have the opportunity as a manmultiple orgasms experience

Beginner plan

  • 3 min warm-up
  • 5-15min stretching in all directions
  • 5-15min Jelqing
  • 3 min warm-up
  • 50x Bowling

When stretching it should vary by below, draw each about 30 seconds left, right, top and front. In between, they then make half a minute each break. So for example 30s drag left, 30s pause, 30s, etc. If you have already mastered the exercise right, 30s pause, repeat this passage then still 1-2x. So they come to the specified 5-15min stretching. Try also to extend the time of an individual Stretches to 1min or more.

When jelqing is especially recommended to start the Wet Jelqing, since one here can build a much better pressure and then the Dry Jelq know exactly what you look for. Warm up, they should definitely try again. A stuffed with rice and heated in the microwave sock is very comfortable and warm the tissue beautiful on. Who do not like this, they do the exercises just after bathing / showering – or dispense with this procedure.

Train them to this plan 5x a week , at least 1 month. They are initially may have some problems with it, so long train. Often you can not find a comfortable grip, or you get an erection that prevents one from further training.You will get used to over time but the exercises and 10min from initially be fast 15, 20, 30 or more minutes!

If they get along well after a few days with the exercises, they build an additional slight variations. Taste the A-stretch and the V-Stretch. Try the Helicopter’s Inner penis and Bundled Stretches. Take the DLD Blasters and Uli exercise with in their program and make it their plan as he likes them best. Put more emphasis on linear growth, they tend to focus on the different stretching exercises. Do they want more contrast down in size, they increase. The time of Jelqs, Ulis and Horse440

For advanced

This is just one example of how a plan might look like after a few weeks of training.

  • 3 min warm-up
  • 10min stretching in all directions, incl. Helicopter Stretches
  • A 5min stretch and V-Stretches
  • 5min DLD Blaster
  • 15min Wet Jelqing
  • 5min Ulis and Horse440
  • 3 min warm-up
  • 100x Bowling

This plan is fairly balanced – Exercises for length and thickness have been included. This plan also they train 5 times per week . The time for a stretch should be as long as possible – ie they prefer eg 1-2min long in each direction and make a short pause of about 30 seconds. Perform all movements slowly and securely, they pay attention that they never pain have.

For Dick Training

If they want to raise in particular the extent that their plan, for example, ausehen as follows. Of course, can and should adapt it according to their own preferences.

  • 3 min warm-up
  • 5min stretching in all directions, incl. Helicopter Stretches
  • A 5min stretch, V-stretches and DLD Blaster
  • 20min Wet Jelqing
  • 5min Ulis
  • 5min Wet Jelqing
  • 5min Horse440
  • 5min Wet Jelqing
  • 3 min warm-up
  • 100x Bowling

As you can see this was simply the time reduced for stretches and this increases the time for exercises like Jelqs, Ulis and Horse440.

More tips

You have now learned the exercises and saw some suggestions for possible training plans. Start with the beginner program and make this about 1 month ago – maybe even 2 months. With advanced experience they are the initial problems have been overcome and can increase the training times continuously. So then try it once other exercises and stretches from Jelqs. Begin doing it very carefully and slowly increase the time and intensity.

Devices such as hangers, Strecker and pumps can support the training very well. Many work in colon training eg with a vacuum pump after they have an extensive “Jelq session” behind. Or you can use to support a trailer to the growth in length in addition to the stretches. Following this, you still for several hours a stretching apparatus are applied to the training of missing a good foll.

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