Penis enlargement way

Penis enlargement way

Many men are not satisfied with the size of the penis. There are different ways to help them. The easiest and quickest is penis enlargement surgery, but you can also try massage. It will take more time, but it’s more natural, less painful and much cheaper.

The first technique of penis massage has a lot of pluses. The first is the most important – it will take you just 5 minutes a day. The second advantage – it is even more effective than other exercises that take an hour or more per day. And third – this exercise can be done on more than once a day, and two or three. However, this type of massage is quite difficult. During the execution of this technique the amount of blood surging increases, because of which the mass of the penis increases. If you follow these instructions to massage the penis, your score will improve penis enlargement. Exercise is performed when you sit. Grease well a penis. Grip the penis at the base of two fingers and start the movement up and down. Your grip should not hinder circulation. When moving from the base as little as possible try to stretch the skin, holding a solid grip. And when you return to the base try to strengthen the grip to hold more blood. Repeat this motion, gradually increase speed.

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Once you reach an erection again grab a reason not to let the blood go away. Hold the grip with your other hand, grab it by the head. Stretch the penis as possible, without feeling pain. Stretch your penis with a delay of 10 seconds straight. For the right to 10 seconds, left-10s. Repeat the 4th phase of the exercise for 4 times. On the whole exercise will take you no more than 5 minutes. To complete the exercise, loosen the grip. You feel the blood start “to flow out” of the penis. At this point, ejaculation can happen – there’s nothing wrong with that. If during exercise you feel pain, you should stop this exercise for a day or a week, and do other. It can perform both seated and stand.

The next method of massage in order not to use penis enlargement surgery is this: Get into the head of the penis in a relaxed position and pull away from you on as you can until you feel pain or discomfort. Hold this position 5 minutes. Then loosen, and massage the penis about 30-60 seconds – this will restore the circulation. Relax and repeat the 4th minute times, pulling in different directions. Already in 4-7 weeks, you will feel the increase and improvement in penile erection

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