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penis pump

For many men, penis size is an essential detail for the feeling of inner strength and confidence. However, not all of them have satisfied their penis. Therefore, various effective methods must be used. One of the best natural ways for penis enlargement today is considered to be a penis enlargement pump. A large selection of quality models allows everyone to achieve a specific result.
You can understand that such devices are designed to increase the size of the penis. In addition to the fact that the device performs its primary function, the sensitivity of the organ also increases. Numerous studies and customer reviews have demonstrated the effectiveness of these models. Penis enlargement with a pump is an excellent, relatively safe alternative to surgery.
The penis pump is another way to stretch the male phallus. The effectiveness of this procedure is high but on the condition of using it strictly as indicated. If we opt for this method, the pump should come from a reputed manufacturer. Did you know that the first penis pumps were even sold in 1911? These devices have a long history behind them. After more than 100 years, we can consider it an effective penis enlargement method.

Do penis pumps really work?

penis enlargement pump

The penis enlargement pumps work on the principle of aspiration: this causes a lot more blood to flow to the penis than when the pump is not used. Thanks to this device, the tissues of the corpora cavernosa dilate. The regularly repeated treatment affects the strength of the corpora cavernosa.
In healthy men, an erection occurs thanks to external stimuli. At the moment of excitement, the brain sends a signal to the Penis, and then your Penis is hardened and is ready for action. However, this mechanism does not always work correctly. Therefore the use of a penis pump can significantly facilitate this process and add a few centimeters to it.

How is a penis pump made?

Because penis pumps were already used in the 20th century, their construction shouldn’t be surprising. The structure of the device consists of two parts: the pumping mechanism and a cylinder. The cylinder must be made of special material because that is where we have to put the Penis. None of us would want something wrong to happen to our sex. The high-end pumps are already automatic, but we can also operate them by hand.

Two types of penis pumps

Most often, modern penis enlargement pumps are divided into vacuum and water. Each of them has some advantages and characteristics. We can find different types of penis pumps on the Internet, but vacuum and hydraulic pumps have been considered the most effective. All the rest are pretty bad marketing tricks rather than effective methods of stretching the member.

All the rest are pretty bad marketing tricks rather than effective methods of stretching the member.

Vacuum pumps for the Penis

Vacuum pumps for the Penis

Vacuum pumps suck in the air found in the cylinder. Then a vacuum is created that acts on the member. As a result, the corpora cavernosa become stronger and larger. Among the advantages of this type, the most common are:

  • Low cost;
  • Complete security;
  • Improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • Increase the elasticity of the blood vessels.

Hydraulic pumps for the Penis

Bathmate Hydraulic pumps for the Penis

Hydraulic pumps operate on the same principle as vacuum pumps, but here we use water pressure. Men often choose such pumps because many of them can be used when bathing or showering.
Particular attention deserves a hydraulic pump for penis enlargement. Here the negative pressure is reached not because of the vacuum, but with the help of water. Instead of pumping air, it is necessary to continually drain the fluid, acting directly on the tissue of the penis. This method is considered to be much more advanced and modern.
It is essential to understand the apparent benefits of a penis enlargement water pump. Due to the mild effects of water, the risk of injury with this model tends to zero. In part, the use of such a device is associated with a decrease in erectile dysfunction’s probability. The device can be used in the shower, and the “session” itself will take very little time. For these models, most wear-resistant materials are chosen. However, this will affect the cost of hydraulic pumps.

penomet pump

Using a penis pump

The first thing you should be perplexed is the user to study the instructions carefully. This pump is the easiest way to improve results and avoid injuries. It is also worth understanding that penis enlargement with the vacuum is a long job that requires diligence and regularity. To use the device, in addition to the pump itself, it may be necessary to:

  • Water-based lubricant;
  • Disinfectant;
  • High-quality gel for penis enlargement;
  • Clock for counting the time.

Previously, the bottle had to be treated with warm soapy water. In this case, it is best to prevent liquid from entering the pump tube. Also, it is worth disinfecting the bottle. Before use, it is recommended to lubricate the penis with cream or gel, which will provide comfort during the session. The device is placed on a relaxed penis and then pressed firmly on the pubis. After that, exposure to vacuum or liquid begins with small approaches for 30-60 seconds. The total time of the procedure should not exceed 15-20 minutes at a time.
With the correct use of the pump to increase the penis, no negative consequences are expected. However, there are several contraindications for such devices. They are not highly recommended for people with sexually transmitted diseases, inflammation of the genitals, poor blood clotting, and abnormalities in the kidneys and liver.

The effectiveness of pumps to enlarge the Penis

Erection pumps have been a popular way of natural penis enlargement for years. Proper use affects not only size but also sexual performance. There are many types of pumps, and each one has different methods of use: it is worth keeping this in mind because their improper use may not give results.
Unfortunately, the elongation of the member is not long-lasting. Most often, the effect lasts about an hour. Some pumps give longer-lasting results slightly, but we have to use the pump every day for about 15 minutes. Here the most important thing is regularity.
In addition to a noticeable increase in the penis, you can solve erection problems using the vacuum model.

Advantages of Pumps and results

To date, the pump is one of the most popular solutions for penis enlargement. This pump is due both to the effectiveness of the method and to its other advantages:

  • Ease of use;
  • Benefits for human health and prevention of erectile dysfunction;
  • A good selection of models based on features and prices;
  • The procedures don’t take long;
  • The result is evident after several applications.

The regular use of the vacuum penis enlargement method has been shown to influence organ size positively. After three months of training, you can expect a result of a couple of centimeters. However, effectiveness largely depends on the individual characteristics of the body. The main thing is not to stop trying and enjoy the process.


Side effects after using the erection pump

Specialists believe that natural methods of penis enlargement are not invasive when used according to the instructions. Penis pumps are considered a natural way, but there are still many controversies around them. Specialists believe that they should be used only after consulting a doctor.
Pumps that enlarge the Penis in its circumference can irritate, and even swelling. Some believe that “correcting” what’s in our genes may do more harm than good. Specialists speak of a marked deterioration in sexual performance.
If you opt for the erection pump, read the manufacturer’s directions carefully. Improper use can cause pain, and even mechanical damage
The bottom line is the effect on the tissues of the penis using negative pressure.

How to choose the best one?

After figuring out how to use the penis pump, it’s worth going to choose the right model. For example, there are options with a mechanical bulb and automatic air pumping among the vacuum devices. There are also individual bottles with vibration, which also give a pleasant sensation during the procedure.
Today the water pumps are considered the most advanced. They are created using modern technologies, and the final performance is impressive. However, many are still advocates of the usual penis enlargement vacuum pumps.
The prices of such devices can vary widely. The simplest models, for example, cost around $20-$30. If you want an automated pump with additional functions, you will need to give about $70. Water pumps are the most expensive. Their prices vary from $100 to $300. Of course, such a high cost is justified by the effectiveness and high quality of the materials.

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