Natural and lasting exercises to enhance your penis

Do you think that having a bigger penis will lead to a better sex life and more confidence? The natural penis enlargement is a pain and risk free method to enlarge your penis size permanently. However, you should always make your training that you feel no pain. The exercises are designed primarily to make fun and increase gradually their penis. I am not a doctor and do not take any responsibility for injuries caused by careless or hasty training of the penis.So far I have no injuries are known, which are caused by a carefully engineered training.

Penis enlargement

I think on this issue we need to address very briefly. For it should be clear to most readers the benefits of a larger penis. A bigger penis increases self-confidence of a man considerably. Every guy wants a bigger penis even when he is with his above the national average of 14.48 cm. A bigger penis gives a man more confidence in life and in bed, even though many women claim that it does not depend on the size. A larger and thicker penis stimulates more nerve endings in the vagina of the woman. Nothing makes a man more uncertain than the thought of a too small penis. The fear of being laughed at by a woman is with the greatest fear felt the man when he undresses. On average, most men want a penis length of 18 cm. From 20 cm it can be painful even for many women.

Fears that plague every man

  • A small penis can contribute significantly to a weak self-confidence
  • Many men are ashamed to show their penises to be sentenced for fear
  • The uncertainty of whether it is too small, is always there
  • The biggest fear every man it is that the woman is laughing at him because of the size of his penis


How and why it works the penis to naturally increase

In the following I will tell you as briefly as possible, how and why natural penis enlargement works. The penis consists of 3 large corpora cavernosa, which are able to fill with blood during an erection and expand.

Two of these corpora cavernosa are the left and right inside the penis. The other cavernosum runs underneath the penis. For a detailed explanation click on the Wikipedia link and learn more about the anatomy of the penis.

In the operating method an incision is made on the penis. The straps are cut and the penis shaft pulled out a little. The straps are then mounted further back on the penis again. By this operation the penis is extended by the portion of the penile shaft extending within the body is simply pulled out.

Exactly the same technique, we make use of the penis to naturally enlarge us. In the stretching of the penis is pulled and stretched in every direction. By this train part of the penis is inside the body is pulled out. In addition, in the tissue of the penis caused extremely fine microcracks. This “voids” caused by the cracks in the fabric combine to create new tissue and heal after the exercises again. This makes the penis grow after each workout to a few micro millimeters. After a certain time of training, these micro millimeters add up to centimeters.

When the thickness exercises, however, so much blood is pumped into the corpora cavernosa of the penis until it expand more than an erection. This contributes through constant training to at the the cavernous continues to expand and the penis can hold more blood into the penis during an erection. For this reason, the penis becomes thicker during an erection.

Basically, there are no limits on the maximum possible size. This usually depends on your own body. In the US, there are reports of people who have done it by 11cm length 20cm length in the excited state to the excited state. In fact, this is possible. However, I am now going to take the illusion that you will do so in 2 weeks or 2 months. This usually requires months and Years of training to achieve such a huge increase.

The good news, however, is that the largest and fastest growth in the initial time can be achieved. Most can be expected in the first 2 months, a growth of 1-2 cm. However, this again depends a lot on your body and your workout. But even when flaccid penis is longer and thicker.

The exercises natural penis enlargement

Warming up before the exercises

Warming up is not a contemptible part of the training. By warming up injuries while executing the exercises are avoided. In addition, the warm-up helps more blood to flow into the penis.

Warming up is pretty fast and takes only about 3-4 minutes. To do this dip a washcloth in pleasantly warm water and wrap it for 1-2 minutes to the penis. Then repeat this process again. Even it can go to the exercises.

The lengths exercise

This exercise will make your penis longer length. It is the entry-level practice and gives good results.

To do this, grab your penis with a so-called OK grip below the glans. To do this form with your index finger and thumb in a circle around the penis. Press to easily and pull the penis at a 90 degree angle to the abdomen, ie parallel to the ground, away from her body. For starters, you should get a feel for it and not draw too strong. It should still feel comfortable. This train Hold for 30 seconds and repeat this 5-7 times. After 30 seconds, you should always take a little break before you pull again for 30 seconds. It is sufficient if you do this exercise once a day. The exercise can sit or run in stand.

This is sufficient and should prepare your penis to the coming weeks and months for the first time.

The thickness of exercise

For the thickness of exercise you need a tube of lube . Now you lubricate all their penis with it. However, they take no soap, it dries out the skin and may cause abrasions.

Your penis should be excited for this exercise to 70-80%. More is initially not well and could lead to broken capillaries and in extreme cases, venous damage. After their penis is lubricated, they make with one hand an OK grip around the base of the penis (the pubic area) and press to prevent easy to drain the blood. Just push so hard to like it still feels as comfortable for you. With this hand you now hover gentle pressure towards penis tip. When you get up, grab it with the remaining free hand with an OK grip on the penis and make the same movement with the lower hand again. While these now slides up, pack with the other hand back down on the penis and to ride upward. Repeat this now turns to produce a milking motion.

Overall, you should first milking motion per training make about 200 times. Also in this exercise it is enough to make it 1 time a day. This is quite enough in the beginning and prepares your penis for the coming weeks and months ago.

Penis bigger naturally, further literature

I tried to gives you as much as possible, as well as your penis bigger can. The exercises that I have presented to you are perfectly adequate for entry. With the above presented exercises you should be able to successfully enlarge your penis . However, these exercises have their limits. Soon, you will need to upgrade to the more effective methods. It is important that you do not overdo the training beginning. Your penis, your ligaments and your corpora cavernosa have to get used to the new load.

Further literature on natural penis enlargement

My knowledge and my success I have the book Natuerliche Penisvergroesserung thanks. It introduced me to the whole matter and showed me how I can successfully enlarge my penis. The author shall in all areas of natural penis enlargement. He also presents exercises for longer endurance and multiple orgasms.

Unfortunately, the book is not a bargain. Nevertheless, I must mention that the diversity of information is worth its price. It is hardly possible to find all this information summarized in the network.

The negative

  • Even if it is a one time investment, the price is a bit high
  • 112 pages are not responsible for any pleasure, although you can also skip some chapters and can immediately go to the exercises

The Positive

  • One time investment and no additional charges
  • The most complete book on the subject that I know
  • Various exercises and training programs
  • Exercises for stronger and harder erections
  • Exercises for a longer endurance and multiple orgasms

I mention all this only because my book has helped so much to change my sex life. It has helped me not only to a longer penis, I am now also capable of multiple orgasms, which is a great thing. It’s pretty exciting for me and my partner, if the duration of sexual intercourse depends not only on me. I can now choose when the sex is over.

I wish you much success in their path. I hope I could help you with this Website to achieve their goals and get a fulfilling sex life. Remember, you should do the exercises for constant routine. Only with constant training you will succeed and can enlarge your penis. This method is fun and brings lasting results. It is the investment worth your time and your life will change completely. You will get happier and more fulfilled life and a new lifestyle.

The Penis Enlargement
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