Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing Exercise-Penis Jelqing Technique and How to Jelq Properly

Jelqing has been in use for thousands of years by the Middle East men as a method for penis enlargement. The term Jelqing, also known as Jelqing and Jelqing, is often used to identify penile milking, stretching and rubbing exercises that are applied as a way to increase penis girth and length naturally. Nowadays, Jelqing methods have become the most used natural penile enlargement exercise at home.How do Jelqing exercises work?Jelqing exercise works by promoting more blood flow into your penile Area. Jelqing will extend the cell walls of your manhood to allow for larger amounts of blood to get into the penile area. Jelqing will increase your penile girth as well as the length, but the Jelqing results are seen most markedly when the penis is erect.

Jelqing Exercise

How long does it take to see results?

Jelqing, as in the case of other exercises, requires being completed day-after-day until you reach your target penile size. You will be able to see some jelqing results and an increase in penile size after only four weeks and more pronounced results after few months.How to jelq properly?

It is important that you maintain a journal of your Jelq results. This Jelq diary should also contain measurements of your penile girth and length on a weekly basis. This will help you keep track of your Jelqing results.

Measure your penis

Measure both your erect penile length and width before you start the Jelqing. You can certainly record  your flaccid penile size but this can vary between measurements so the most critical measurements to record are when your dick is erect. There are various techniques to measure your penile width and length. You can use any technique as long as you use the same method during your jelqing exercises. So make sure that you use the same method each week.

Jelqing warms up

Jelqing exercise is just like any other workout – you want to warm-up before you start Jelqing. For the jelqing warm-up you can simply rub your penis in warm water, or follow the steps below:

Gently massage/rub your manhood until it is semi-erect

Soak a washcloth in warm water

Wrap the soaked washcloth around your penis for a few minutes

Repeat the above steps for at least three times.

Basic Jelqing method

There are many variations of Jelqing methods and variations. You can have access to all the Jelqing  exercises when you subscribe to a penile exercise program such as PenisHealth. The basic Jelqing techniques involve the steps below:

Make sure that your penis is  not fully erect

Put a lubricant, such as vaseline, on both your hands and your dick


Make an OK sign with the thumb and index finger of one hand around the base of your penis and hold it securely.

Start milking your penis from base to end towards the head.

When you reach your penile tip, make another OK sign with your other hand and start milking as you did previously with the first hand

Continue milking your dick alternating between your hands. You can perform 100 jelq in about five minutes.Jelqing safety

As any other exercises, there are few things to consider to safely perform exercises. Here are the essentially recommended safety points:

Always do the Jelqing warm-up exercises before beginning the Jelqing exercise

Always use adequate lubricant during Jelqing exercises

Don’t squeeze too hard when applying the jelq grip.

If it hurts or you see bruising on your penis after Jelqing exercises then your jelq grip is too hard

Jelq only when your penis is partially erect to avoid injuring your endowment.

Always perform a “warm-down” (same as a warm-up) routine at the end of your Jelqing exercise.

Don’t do more than 100 jelqs each day for the first week.

During the second week, perform 200 jelqs each day;

For the third week, complete 300 jelqs each day; and

from the fourth week onward, try and complete 500 jelqs each day.

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