Introduction Exercises to Increase Penis

Exercises to Increase Penis

The desire to increase the penis seems to be common to all men, even those who already have a penis within the normal size. Until a few years it was challenging to achieve this desire, since the surgery and hormones together with not give satisfactory effects were very dangerous. But with the growth of medicine surgeries were safer (although we still not recommend this method unless they may be extreme cases) and appeared several instruments that contributed positively on the possibility (now easy) to increase the penis safely , as penile extenders, pills and exercises. On account of desire and daring connection with some individuals was triggered in recent years a system of exercises to raise penis more empirical than scientific, but effective. However, it’s good to warn the beginning of any exercise to raise the penis operates slowly because the penis does not respond to exercise very much the same responsive muscles.

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Who chooses the exercises should keep in mind that patience and dedication are essential qualities for success. The exercises to increase penis offer you an easy, cheap and safe way to increase the penis , however, as will do the exercises personally, it is important to know some factors that determine success.

How to start doing exercises to increase penis:

The first thing is to choose which technique to be used. The technique you choose should involve stretching and relaxing the penis muscles and after choosing a technique must remain faithful to it.

It is advisable to start by simple techniques to find out how your penis reacts to exercise, learn the most correct ways of working and not run the risk of injuring the penis with some exercise stronger. The second thing is we need to adapt the exercises every person in order to obtain the maximum benefit. You have to adapt the technique in his own way so as not to damage the penis or run the risk of not getting results.Hence, start with a simple technique to learn is essential before switching to something more complicated.

Safety should be the primary concern, give to do the exercises correctly and use a good lubricant cream (like Masturbation Cream Slap Happy ) to prevent injuries is essential. The third thing is you have to take time to recover the penis . Exercises to increase penis put a lot of pressure on the body and you need to let it recover – just like a person who starts doing bodybuilding exercises should start with light weight and go adapting it to develop the body. Here the action a good program to increase the penis is essential for effective results without risk.

How do exercises to increase penis:

As you already know these exercises are intended to increase the penis both in width and length, but there are certain things you should understand the way the exercises work. The penis is made ​​mainly of muscle tissue and although it is not like the others muscles with exercise may increase in size.There are two categories of exercises: strength and flexibility .

With the strength exercises, often called stretching, the corpora cavernosa are stretched to encourage greater input of blood to the cavernous cells. These exercises increase the size of the cells and stimulate the division of the same

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Remember that pressing, stretching and pressing the penis you create a force that split the penis cells. These exercises have to be done with the limp body and the growth occurs during the resting phase and not the time of year. It should be noted it is noted that the results of new cells, as well as those that have been stretched, they must be forced to fill with blood, so that they are actually larger, and for this we recommend the use of a drug that “force” the blood to enter the penis.

Although time is not required can be reduced to less than half using this supplement daily. Note that force too much cell division can give reason to poor healing, which may result in a defective penis. So the advise … do not overdo the exercises! The flexibility involves the strengthening of pubo coccygeal muscle at the base of the penis, which connects the penis to the pelvic bone. This muscle is responsible for maintaining an erection, and helps control ejaculation. Flexing this muscle regularly, you make it stronger. Thus, more blood will be retained in the penis during erection, making it larger.

These exercises when well performed are very efficient and complement the strength exercises, so use both types. Either way be sure to give time to the penis to recover between each exercise and remember that the results do not appear from one day to the other. Patience is its greatest virtue. On the next page we will then see in practice consisting some of the most effective exercises, and what we recommend.

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