How to make penis harder

During sexual intercourse with the partner, the man expects to always have a hard penis in erection. But, as we will see shortly, things do not always go as expected, and unexpected erection problems can arise, which leave the penis soft or not very hard, making the relationship impossible.
In this article, you will discover the causes that can prevent you from always having a hard penis during intercourse and the most effective and safe remedies and solutions to erect penis and conduct relationships in a truly satisfactory way for you and your partner.

How does the penis get hard?

The penis is not made of muscle fibers and cannot become hard by will alone. It is mainly composed of two cylindrical cavernous bodies, very similar to the fabric of normal sponges. Below them flows the cancellous body containing the urethra canal, from which urine and sperm come out during orgasm and ejaculation. The shaft of the penis ends with the called glans, which constitutes the most sensitive and rich part of nerve endings for many men.

During sexual intercourse, the man is sufficiently excited mentally. The brain sends a mix of neuronal signals to the genital area to relax the smooth muscles of the two corpora cavernosa of the penis. This allows the flow of blood into the two corpora cavernosa, which absorb it like sponges, holding it back and letting the increase in volume and hardness of the shaft, which makes the penis erect. Everything starts, therefore, from the brain and the right emotions such as:

  • inner security (high sexual self-esteem)
  • the absence of tensions and worries
  • sexual desire ( libido )
  • psychological, sexual arousal

If the man is not in these mental conditions, the flow of blood to the penis does not start, and an erection does not occur.

How long do erections last?

Ginseng Better Than Viagra? Finally, research conducted by the University of Yonsei (South Korea) has shown how ginseng can offer satisfactory results, which some consider even better than Viagra. During the study, the researchers administered about fifty volunteers ginseng to patients with mild and moderate erectile dysfunction. The same number of patients had to take a placebo. At the end of the two-month study, scholars measured the improvements using the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction scale. The results - published in the International Journal of Impotence Research - showed that those taking ginseng had witnessed significant improvements in the erection. Remember, however, that ginseng is not suitable for everyone and is not free from side effects.

The average duration of the erection is 15-20 minutes in older men. In comparison, in younger boys, it can also be 40 minutes and beyond. Still, too, in this case, there are no official data since, in the interviews, many men tend to lie and exaggerate the duration of one’s sexual performances.

Premature ejaculation (having an orgasm too quickly) is one of the factors that can shorten the duration of the erection. Generally, after having an orgasm and ejaculate, the hardness of the erection is lost. Premature ejaculation has different causes and remedies than the erection problems analyzed here.

If the penis remains hard for an interminable time and without necessarily being excited, there is a severe problem of priapism. It can be caused by trauma to the spine, but much more frequently from the use of drugs, or the improper use of erectile dysfunction drugs such as the famous Viagra or Cialis. In this case, the erection is painful and endless. It is necessary to receive immediate medical attention, to avoid irreparable damage to the tissues of the penis that would lead to total permanent impotence.

Physical Or Psychological Causes?

In most Erectile dysfunction cases, these are psychological causes: the man in front of the woman loses his concentration due to insecurities or fears. More rarely, it is a physical disorder caused by trauma to the genital organs. But it can also be hormonal alterations, neurological pathologies, and, finally, anatomical variations that prevent a correct flow of blood.

Erection medications and pills

Oral medications for ED

Pharmacological treatments for erectile dysfunction are based on the administration of the inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase PDE5. This method is not a real cure because it does not eliminate the root erection problem’s cause. These are pills of different dosage, to be taken forever before each sexual relationship. The most common and famous are:

  • Sildenafil citrate (contained in Viagra, the famous blue pill);
  • Tadalafil (marketed under the name Cialis);
  • Vardenafil (trade name Levitra);
  • Avanafil (trade name Spedra, or Stendra in the United States).

The reality of these erection problems medications is that:

  • DO NOT cause an automatic penile erection;
  • They are not used to improve blood flow to the penis;
  • They are mainly used on elderly subjects to temporarily block the type 5 phosphodiesterase enzyme, which, in old age, prevents the regular relaxation of smooth muscle in the penis;
  • If during sexual intercourse the man feels insecure, tense or worried, he does not get an erection even by taking these drugs;
  • They have essential contraindications and side effects;
  • They are not cures but adjuvants to be taken forever before any relationship;
  • The drugs for erectile dysfunction available on the web without a doctor’s prescription are NOT the original drugs, but the illegal copies created in third world countries where there are no rigorous medical-scientific controls and often contain toxic substances for the body;
  • Taking outside of real medical needs leads to a psychological addiction to pills. The man can feel a little self-confident only if he has made a pill before, but without it, he feels insecure. In a short time, this leads to a decrease in sexual self-esteem and the appearance of further erectile problems of a psychological nature. This addiction problem is widespread among younger people who use these drugs without real need.

Are natural erection remedies safe?

In addition to drugs, there is also a multitude of food supplements, herbal products, and natural pills that promise to improve blood flow to the penis, increase testosterone levels, and have aphrodisiac properties. But the reality about these natural drug alternative pills is that:

  • The studies and tests carried out on these natural products are sponsored and commissioned by the same pharmaceutical companies that produce them. Therefore they are not reliable studies.
  • Doctors and specialists are often financially incentivized to talk about it well, even if there is no real scientific evidence regarding their effectiveness in improving an erection.
  • Numerous independent scientific studies carried out with rigorous medical-scientific criteria have shown that all these supplements, produced by herbal medicine and natural pills, have NO efficacy in improving the erection of the penis.
  • Although of natural origin, they can cause numerous side effects, sometimes even more severe than those of drugs (for example, Yohimbine is particularly dangerous for health).
  • These natural remedies are often seized from the sale because the investigations of the NAS carabinieri have found pharmacological or toxic substances inside them but not declared on the label.

In addition to this, you can also try natural male enhancement pills loaded with potent and active ingredients. These pills are becoming increasingly popular as they are safe and effective at the same time. They don’t have any negative side effects.
Some of the best pills are ingredients such as l-arginine, maca, Muira Pauma, Tribulus, long jack, saw palmetto, zinc, etc.
Such pills not only aid in ensuring solid erections but also help improve your stamina so that you can last longer during sex.
The high-end pills are clinically tested to work and are also recommended by doctors. So if you want to get harder and stronger erections, check out the best penis pills that have helped thousands of men like you improve their sex lives over the past decade.

Ginseng Better Than Viagra?

BK97EW Goryeo Insam

Finally, research conducted by the University of Yonsei (South Korea) has shown how ginseng can offer satisfactory results, which some consider even better than Viagra. During the study, the researchers administered about fifty volunteers ginseng to patients with mild and moderate erectile dysfunction. The same number of patients had to take a placebo. At the end of the two-month study, scholars measured the improvements using the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction scale. The results – published in the International Journal of Impotence Research – showed that those taking ginseng had witnessed significant improvements in the erection. Remember, however, that ginseng is not suitable for everyone and is not free from side effects.

Safe and effective remedies

If the erectile problem always occurs and in all circumstances, therefore both with the partner and during solitary masturbation or erotic fantasies, it is better to go to the doctor to understand the health problem that causes erectile difficulty.
If, on the other hand, the problem occurs occasionally or only in some circumstances. For example, only with the partner but not during masturbation, or only with one partner but not with another ( situational erectile dysfunction ), it is very likely that the cause of the problem both of mental origin and not a physical problem.

With these remedies below, you can avoid the potential causes of erectile dysfunction and improve the various mental and physical factors, which make the penis hard during intercourse:

  • Avoid overeating with foods high in sugar or too much salt (they give rise to body overweight, hypertension or hypotension, and circulatory problems that limit erection).
  • Do not exceed the consumption of industrial foods, hydrogenated and vegetable fats such as margarine.
  • Avoid or limit bagged, preserved, or canned foods, and prefer eggs, fish, and fresh meats.
  • Don’t consume too many carbohydrates by eating pasta, bread, buns, and pizza. Also, use other cereals, whole species, and balance the consumption of carbohydrates with the right intake of proteins and fats (if you are overweight, get help from a dietician or nutritionist).
  • Consume fresh fruit and vegetables every day, and drink at least a liter and a half of water a day to improve fluidity and blood circulation. Add in your diet also oily fruits such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and the like because they are rich in minerals and vitamins of group C, E, B and omega 3, which improve blood circulation.
  • Abusing alcohol leads to numerous erectile problems, and consuming it before sexual intercourse often leads to mental numbness and psychosis, which prevent the regular psychological mechanism of penis erection.
  • Narcotic drugs cause hormonal, neurological, and psychological disorders, negatively affecting the erectile mechanism of the penis. Avoid them!
  • Smoking and cigarettes lead to heart, respiratory and circulatory disorders leading to erection difficulties. If you smoke, try to quit smoking, or at least minimize your cigarette consumption.
  • Don’t be sedentary! The sedentary lifestyle weakens the cardiac output and the respiratory and circulatory systems, makes obese or overweight, and drastically decreases the production of the testosterone hormone, which plays a fundamental role in sexual desire and emotional safety. Try to exercise regularly because it enhances the entire cardiac, respiratory, and circulatory systems and increases the body’s production of testosterone, facilitating sexual desire, inner safety, and penile erection. Anaerobic physical activity is one of the best remedies for organic erection problems.
  • When you are in bed with your partner, do not worry about the state of your erection! Being tense and worried that the penis does not become hard or losing its hardness prevents strong, pure mental excitement. Consequently, there is no flow of blood to the penis, and erection problems occur even if you have no physical problems.
  • Don’t take the performance of pornography and hard actors as a yardstick or something to imitate. It’s about movies and not about reality! In pornography, drugs and drugs are used, the erection problems of the actors are cut and not shown, and all actions are recited and emphasized. That’s not real sex!
  • Avoid confronting sexual intercourse entirely as if it were a test, a couple’s duty, or a demonstration of virility. Addressing sex in this way will burden you with anxiety, expectations, and tension rather than making you feel serene and strongly excited. It will give rise to erection problems of a psychological nature.
  • Use the right mental techniques to become confident and raise sexual self-esteem. In this way, you will avoid feeling tense or anxious or being always worried about your erection during intercourse.
  • Improve and enhance the level of mental arousal you can experience during sex with your partner, training specific mental techniques for an erection. Always remember that blood is pushed into the penis by psychological arousal, so increasing mental excitability will increase the flow of blood into the corpora cavernosa, and the penis will become hard faster and much longer than usual.

I advise you not to underestimate the mental aspect of the erection mechanism because it is an essential factor. Having a hard penis for a long time is not difficult at all! On the contrary, it is quite easy as long as you follow the right indications and a complete method of mental and physical techniques that improves the whole complex psycho-physical mechanism of penis erection. See more How to increase a man’s libido

Do Exercises To Improve Erection

One of the first tests that can be done to check if it is possible to improve the condition is to do the classic kegel exercises. Through these, you can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, an important area to help the penis maintain an erection. Reinforcing them daily, in fact, allows you to have more satisfying sexual relations.

Do the kegel exercises

Training is very simple, but first, you need to learn how to find these muscles easily. To do this, try to stop the flow of urine while you pee. At that moment, please pay close attention to which muscles you used because they are the ones you will need to stimulate during training. This should be done by contracting the pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds. In the end, relax and repeat eight consecutive times. During the day, repeat the exercise at least three times. You can do it at any time, whether lying down or sitting. Within a few days, your condition could have improved. According to a recent study published in BJU International, “pelvic floor exercises should be considered a first-line approach for men seeking a long-term resolution of their erectile dysfunction.” You can do it anytime and anywhere. It is so simple and so effective. Gradually, the musculature in question will become stronger, and thus you will be able to last longer.

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