How big my penis? how can I increase it?

For many men, the look between your legs is not a cause for celebration, but creates a rather sobering, because of their own penis is perceived as too small. Asked to statistics, is the average size in Germany at 14.5 cm , slightly below the overall European average and well below even sung in German popular songs 20cm. The best cuts clear from Hungary, followed closely by France. Everything under these statistical section must be considered as rather small. The following chart shows the geographical distribution of penis sizes in Europe:

Average Penis Size in Europe
Average Penis Size in Europe in centimeters

Disrupts women a small penis or the size matter to you?
Even if women often stress in surveys that technology is important and not the length, the picture changes quite significantly under completely anonymous surveys. Here answers a clear majority, that the size of the penis is a very important criterion for satisfactory sex.

Even if a lot of us men are reluctant to hear, “Size Matters” , a big penis is seen here by most women not only as an optically attractive and stimulating, but makes a significant contribution to the female orgasm. Purely physiological considers itself constitutes stimulation in women from a clitoral and vaginal component together, only the two together guarantee a really satisfying climax.

Statistical distribution penis sizes
Statistical distribution penis sizes in inches (cm corresponds times 2:54)

However, Skills, emotional connection, communication, and other factors often play more significant roles in sexual satisfaction.

Is penis size genetically determined?
A clear yes if the penis during adulthood is large or small, is in our genes. Neither diet nor much exercise or a healthy lifestyle have influence. Just the vagaries of nature determine whether we are more voluptuous or sparsely equipped.

Statistical distribution penis thickness

Statistical distribution penis thickness in inches (cm corresponds times 2:54)

What is the size matter?

In terms of sexual satisfaction, most studies indicate that the size of the penis does not significantly correlate with sexual satisfaction for either partner.

It’s also important to mention the issue of body image and self-esteem. Many men may feel insecure about their penis size due to societal and cultural pressures. However, it’s vital to understand that most men’s penises fall within an average range when erect, despite considerable variation in flaccid size.

The perception that penis size is directly correlated to masculinity or sexual prowess is a societal construct, and these stereotypes can lead to harmful consequences like low self-esteem and anxiety.

Remember, everyone is different, and what matters most in a sexual relationship is mutual consent, respect, safety, satisfaction, and emotional connection. If a person has concerns about their penis size or sexual health, it’s always recommended to speak with a healthcare professional or a therapist.

Are there any ways to enlarge a small penis?
If you believe the advertising, there are many, but in practice it is much pure marketing, because basically there are only two ways for penis in the flaccid and, crucially, even when erect permanent to enlarge.

The first option is a penile surgery , which is, however, in addition to the usual risks of anesthesia, surgery risks, possible inflammation and wound healing very painful and even to cost a lot of money. On top of that the result is visually mostly not optimal, the penis does not often easily deformed after such an operation.

The second way are special exercises and training program e, where the small penis millimeter by millimeter is trained over many months and little by little grows. The best known and proven effective training program comes from the experts Christopher Larsson and called “Natural Penis Enlargement” , discreetly Ebook available for download.

Miracle or a magic enlargement of the small penis in a few days you would expect in any way. The exercises must be done correctly and as in fitness training: only regularity and consistency guarantee consistent and lasting success. All exercises can, however, easily make at home, do not require special knowledge, yet they are painful. When performed correctly, they are absolutely safe.

Who is own penis exercises?
Good is one such training for the best piece for every adult man , no way for young people. The natural growth of the penis usually ends no later than early 20s, only when it is finished, exercises are advisable. For all those who apply have not yet reached that age: Wait and be happy, he will continue to grow all by itself!

What is the micropenis?
From a medical perspective, a smaller penis size (in its flaccid state) does not typically impact a man’s ability to perform sexually, unless the individual has what is termed a micropenis, a condition characterized by an erect penile length of 7.5 cm (approximately 3 inches) or less. This condition is rare and could sometimes lead to difficulties in sexual function. Diagnosed and treated in time already from early childhood, the penis but still developed into a normal size.

Which positions are suitable for small penises during sex?
Even if a small penis often leads to certain restrictions during sex, there are positions in which the female vagina is very narrow and also the frequent problem of accidental slipping out, eg, in the missionary position is likely to occur is avoided. The clear message is: Doggy Style , from behind. There are different variants, it is best done when the woman about possible goes into hollow back, allowing a particularly deep penetration. In addition, here is the so-called G-spot is optimally stimulated a very intense experience for both partners is therefore almost guaranteed in this position. In addition, a manual stimulation of the clitoris with the hand is easily possible.

Can the penis get smaller or shrink?
There are very rare disorders of testosterone budget that can lead to a reduction of cells in the corpora cavernosa and therefore a slight shrinkage of the penis, the technical term / umbrella term for this is hypogonadism . This is me along many other problems such as erectile dysfunction, it does not remain unnoticed in most cases. A similar effect is also observed if only slightly, with increasing age and waste of natural testosterone levels. A common myth is that is smaller by removing the penis. At penis eingelagtertes adipose tissue can be neglected in terms of quantity, but rather the opposite is the case: The penis looks rather greater in a slimmer man, whereby it is a purely subjective impression. The fact is that removing the penis can not be definitely smaller.

How to measure penis size and honest right?
There are no official standards or standardized measurement methods, yet there is hardly a man who had not already set up the ruler or yardstick.Very often a measurement in the rigid state laterally from the base of the penis. From day to day, it may come in small discrepancies. The part of the penis through which the scrotum is not included in the calculation, a measurement below the penis distort the result.

The flaccid state says very little about the erect size, colloquially we speak of the blood and flesh penis penis. Some men in the flaccid state a rather small member which can double its size and scope in the rigid state easily or even triple (blood penis), others have no erection a relatively large penis, but does not grow in the rigid state, but rather only straightens (meat penis).

Are there any tricks to optically enlarge a small penis?
Yes, and that is according to simple: Shave. Which is not only for women in fashion, but also with men more and more standard. In addition to a generally well-kept appearance, the lack of pubic hair gives a clear view of the entire penis, what it can act purely optical slightly larger than with pubescence. Be sure to wet shave, dry shaver can quickly lead to injury just the testes, hair removal cream is usually very aggressive and not suitable for the genital area can lead to itching to painful skin reactions. A mild aftershave without alcohol then prevents the initially very frequent formation of small pimples on the regrowth of hair.

People make jokes when they see my small penis?
Even if your own suffering and shame to show up in places where nudity is essential, as in the shower at the gym or sauna is large, a definite no. Of course, there may be one or the other view, most are but certainly not interested in the other primary sexual characteristics but just want to take a shower or to enjoy their relaxing sauna. Here it helps to just above it all, and as already mentioned, there are quite natural and effective methods for penis enlargement . The judgment of the environment mostly works out much milder and less critical than their own. Self-consciousness can still occur, because his man is defined not only by the size of the penis.

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