Ginseng as a natural sexual enhancer

Ginseng Effect: none to slight effect

 From ginkgo to ginseng, from maca to horny goat weed, natural aphrodisiacs are appealing to an increasing number of Americans seeking to improve their sex lives. The well-known ginseng plant with its unique effect acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Also called the “Queen of Herbs”, it gets the vitality and promotes inner and outer balance. As a medicine, the roots of the 4-7 year old plants are used. They are intended to strengthen the entire body, increase allegedly strengthen resilience and body function. A long time ago there was the ginseng root as a symbol of health. It is intended to enhance libido , improve stamina and endurance in particular.A regular intake of natural sexual enhancer can have a positive effect on the penis and lead to the desired erection. The minerals contained, such as vitamin A and E, B 12, calcium, and saponin stimulate the central nervous system. Saponin is the male sex hormone testosterone are very similar.

Ginseng as a natural sexual enhancer

What does this mean for the power?

The sex hormone testosterone affects the potency in men, improves mental and physical function.From the age of 30 the decrease testosterone levels and potency problems may occur. Ginseng helps presumably the cavernous (relaxivity) to relax. Blood is supplied to the corpora cavernosa.The penis swells and an erection is triggered. The stiff penis is ready for intercourse. So Ginseng is a natural sexual enhancer promote enduring erection during lovemaking and increase the desire for sex again.

What is the effect of a natural sexual enhancer and when uses it?

The operation, which is said to have the ginseng root, was not substantiated by studies so far. The quality of the products available also varies enormously, leaving a final assessment of the effect to be difficult. The result of a ginseng revenue is the chemical Potency in no way comparable . A significant improvement in erectile function is reported only in individual cases.


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