Exercises to Increase Penis

Exercises to Increase Penis

The exercises to increase penis are just one of several techniques you can use to increase penis naturally (as you can see by the list of products on your left) and although not the simplest is undoubtedly the cheapest. If you have patience to apply for a few months will get good permanent results.

If you have not yet experienced in exercises to increase penis read the first part before to know what they are, how they work and how to start doing exercises to increase penis. See before: Intoduction Exercises to Increase

Let us illustrate some exercises so you can choose to your liking. Note that this is just a general sample of what you can do to get a bigger penis.

Exercise to Increase Penis # 1 – Heating


warm up by Heating

You should start your daily exercise routine to increase the penis with this procedure. Not quite a year but a pair heating increase blood circulation and make the skin more elastic. Soak a towel in hot water, drain excess water and wrap around the penis for about one minute. Repeat two or three times and then dry the penis.

The second thing is to apply a good cream lubricant (like Masturbation Cream Slap Happy ) to avoid friction that can hurt your skin , causing it pain, avoid injury , and allow easier and gentle heating.

Exercise to Increase Penis 2 – Penis Enlargement Stretch

If you really want to increase the penis this is a technique that all ensure foolproof. Can be performed sitting or standing and the penis must be limp or very slightly erect. If you are standing is useless because the hardness of the cavernous fields prevent any stretch. You can use a petroleum jelly style lubricant if you notice that the skin is very rough.

exercise your penis

 With tightly closed hand firmly grasp the penis at the base until you feel some pressure (without pain) and then slide the hand firmly to great. Do it slowly, between 5 to 10 seconds to reach the glans. So stop in that position for a few seconds holding the stretched penis as much as possible without causing pain.

Now without letting go of that hand repeat the exercise again with the other hand, stretching it from the base to the glans again Repeat this exercise several times alternating hands – while one hand holds the penis glans stretched by the other stretches from the base. Say you’re pulling a rope and make identical movements. Do it for at least 10 times, allowing periods of rest to recover it. The goal is to start with 10-fold sections and go up every week until the 50 times. Each week we must increase the times that repeats the exercise and also increase the time of each.

Exercise to Increase Penis # 3 – Penis Enlargement Side Stretch

Penis Enlargement Side Stretch

This exercise should be done in conjunction with the above, immediately afterwards, and is to lengthen the penis at the base. With his hand firmly holds the glans extend it to the side … should feel the stretch at the base of the opposite side. Keep this force for 10 to 15 seconds. . Now do it in the opposite direction This exercise should be done 5 times in each direction: to the left, to the right, up and down. After completing the four series do it again, pulling it forward and gently roll it in a circle to cover the muscles of the base all the way around.

Do not stretch the penis too. Take the time to get their goals. The rush only means that may suffer unwanted injuries.

Exercise to Increase Penis # 4 – Jelq to increase the thickness

Jelq your penis

This space aims to fill the spongy tissue with blood in order to increase the tension of the blood into the penis and increase the size of the spongy body and the newly created cell with stretching method.Note that the exercise can not be done with the flaccid and fully erect penis. It has to stand upright between 60% and 70% but NOT 100%.If the penis is flaccid or fully erect this exercise has no effect, have to be in a little more than half erect. You should use a lubricant or a few drops of olive oil.

The principle is quite similar to the previous exercises to increase penis but here the goal is to push the blood through the penis instead of stretching it, itself. Grab the base of the penis with the thumb and index finger to make a ring and the palm facing forward. Tightens the ring the maximum possible without causing pain and then squeeze the penis slowly, sliding his fingers firmly from the base to the head. This action causes the blood contained in the erect penis means apply pressure in all directions less backward, which will force the cavernous cavities and fill with blood. When a hand reaches forward already to another must be prepared to repeat the operation again. Who gets to do this exercise to increase penis for the first time we recommend a maximum of only 5 minutes, which should be increased gradually up to 20 minutes during the six weeks. Remember that the penis should be about 70% erect. If you start to feel a greater erection or feel like ejaculating stop this exercise to calm down. Like all exercises, this should be adapted your needs. Only you can determine what the pressure should exercise to get results without side effects. After completing a section of the Jelq penis can present red and swollen for half an hour or more, which is normal. Also other side effects can be observed as a swelling time in the glans and red dots which indicate the rupture of small blood vessels. These are not alarm signals, it is an effect of exercise intensity. However, if the signs are many prudence would advise you to stop for a few days, so that the negative effects disappear and start again with a lower intensity. After this exercise can make the # 1 exercise (with a hot towel) to restore blood circulation and recovery.

Exercise to Increase Penis # 5 – Stretching with weights

Exercising with weights involves stretching the penis with the help of weights. And here’s what to watch for need to choose a weight that is appropriate and not a too big to think that this will increase the penis faster because you can do is cause injury.

Stretching with weights

Consists of placing a weight next to the glans with string or a bracelet (we recommend a watch bracelet leather with some fishing sinkers attached by a wire). This exercise should be done for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, several times during a day. The goal is to go on increasing the weight and consistent time. We advise fishing sinkers because it can easily go adding or changing them for optimal weight.This exercise (# 5) and exercise 2 are identical in the results and should not do both. Choose only one of these two.

These exercises to increase the penis must be made ​​on a daily basis, but does not take a long time. Of course, these exercises to increase the penis always take time to take effect (several months) and should be done regularly (preferably twice daily) . to obtain efficient results It takes perseverance and persistence to make daily for a few months, but can reduce the time and improve efficiency using some of the following suggestions made:


How to Increase Penis Faster

There are several things you can do to increase the effectiveness of exercise and can increase and thicken the penis faster:

VigRX Plus

Use a good supplement to increase the penis. For those who want to increase penis quickly using a good supplement is required. Whether alone or together with the exercises taking a good supplement is essential to increase the penis – is the ‘food’ that will allow you to grow! The use of a supplement increases the effectiveness of exercise by 62% and reduces the time necessary in 46% Visit: VigRX Plus (the most potent) 


penis extender

Using a penis extender. The penis extender can be used for 6 to 8 hours a day (night or day beneath baggy trousers) and can be used in the range of exercises to increase penis or can completely replace the exercises ( . ideal for those who do not have time and / or patience to do the exercises every day) The use of a penis extender increases the effectiveness of exercise by 67% and reduces the time required for 43% 

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penis enlargement bible

Use exercises to increase penis efficiently. Knowing which are the most efficient exercises is not all. To achieve efficient and permanent results you need to follow a routine that comprises various exercises and the proper way, in time and effort of the combine with each other. If you want to take the challenge to another level buying a good manual exercises is advisable. A manual that explains you what to do and how to do, step by step, you can save much time. Visit: Penis Enlargement Bible

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