Does Jelqing Work?

Jelqing, Is It Working?

Arabian have answered “Does jelqing work” with their traditions and results. Jelqing technique is said to be handed carefully through generations of Arabian. Teenagers were trained by their fathers how to jelq their penis. They did jelqing 10 minutes a day and successfully increased their penis size.

Many scammed techniques are available on the internet. What about jelqing, does jelqing work safely? Yes, it does. Jelqing is a natural exercise to expand the ability of your penis to do what it can do naturally. Jelqing naturally forces more blood to the penis and enlarge the Cavernosa. Along as the Cavernosa expand, the penis size will enlarge too.

In the 1970s, Brian Richards performed an examination about jelqing technique and the result. Richards found that a routine jelqing has given out results for more than 87% of guys involved in his examination. This examination has made many men put aside their doubt about does jelqing work or not.

Some trials and tests that are also made to answer “Does jelqing work or not”. The clinical test is done by having the penis measured length and girth again and again during the test. Once the clinical test is complete, about four out of five men have their penis enlarged by the technique.

Jelqing not only works on average or above size penis, it also works on below average size penis. You can gain size no matter if your penis is above, average, or below. If you don’t receive any result in a few days, do not get disappointed. Jelqing takes time. Be consistent and you will see your penis grow in length and girth. There is no jelqing technique that will give you result in one night. It must be done routinely for penis will react the jelqing by forming cells and grow larger.

Jelqing Guide

Does jelqing work and give an effective result?

Here are some tips to have an effective jelqing :

1. To feel the point of ejaculation while jelqing will reduce the effective rate. So if you  feel like you

are going to ejaculate, stop the jelqing and let the sensation pass before continuing the jelqing.

2. Use baby oil or any lubricant that will not dry quickly. You will need lubrication for at least 5

3. For your safety, jelq only with 50-60% erect condition. Do not erect 100% while jelqing for it will cause vein damage.

Yes, for does jelqing work needs right technique of jelqing. Right jelqing technique will minimize the chance of injury. First, make an OK grip and put it on the penis. After applied the OK grip on the right position, move it toward the penis head. With the other hand, make the OK grip and put it on the penis again. Move it toward the penis head as the first-hand leave. Don’t forget to have warp wrap to relax the penile tissue. If the technique is done correctly, in two months, tougher and more elastic skin will be reveal, veins grow larger, and blood capacity


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