Does jelqing and X4 Labs Extender device work for penis enlargement?

X4 Labs Extender device

Does jelqing and X4 Labs Extender device work for penis enlargement?

I know pills don’t work. But, does jelqing work for penis enlargement?

Please spare me of the “be happy with what you have” talk. I have a small penis and am desperate to do something to change it. Thanks to whoever will help.

The average male penis is 4 to 6 inches, the average socially acceptable size is 7 – 9 inches with the 8 inch to the 12-inch range being something to brag about. Most women prefer a thicker, straighter and longer penis. On average, the ideal penis is between 7-9 inches in Length and 6 to 8 inches in Girth. Do you measure up?

Learning how to enlarge the size of your penis can be a long and often disappointing venture, with so many pills, pumps, and other products that claim to deliver extra inches and fail.

In truth it’s been proven that pills do not work, they can increase blood flow (which can be beneficial in conjunction with the right tool) and pumps and waits can cause irreversible damage leaving you impotent. Natural penis enlargement is the only safe way to go.

There is a solution that is guaranteed to add up to 3 inches on your manhood, boosting self-confidence, satisfying your partner! and giving the bigger fuller penis you have always wanted that is safe and natural. See how here.

Are You Ready to enlarge your penis?

The X4 Labs Extender device is guaranteed, medically approved and endorsed around the world and can get you a larger, harder and stronger penis.

Though the penis is a fairly complex organ, the most important part to understand in terms of penile enlargement is the area know as the Copora Cavernosa (a spongy tissue surrounding the interior of the penis which that fills with blood during arousal) and with the use of the SG device you can safely increase its size allowing for a longer thicker penis

Still Not Convinced?

There are over 50,000 Happy customers all talking about the huge gains that they have achieved through X4 Labs Extender safe natural penis enlargement system.

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