Anatomy of the Vagina

Anatomy of the Vagina

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Both men and women have an external and internal area due to their genitalia.  This report concentrates on the internal and external body of this vagina that could be thought of one of the most intriguing and most exciting organs which are available in the feminine body.

Unlike What the Majority of People believe, the vagina is not the very first thing  As we start from the exterior, the outermost aspect of the female genitalia is your vulva.  This can be usually coated by the pubic hair that develops in the tissue known as mons pubis, though some girls or women like to shave their pubic hair.  Pubic hair apart, another part you will be seeing is that a lip-like look which most men and women predict the lips.  These topical lips are really called Labia Majora and comprise fatty cells that enfold the vulva in the mons pubis into the perineum (an opening which rips through childbirth).  The Labia Majora comprises oil and sweat glands that emit a specific odor which most men and women claim to be sexually arousing.  Alongside Labia Majora is just another pair of lips known as the Labia Minora or the internal lips that protect the clitoris, clitoris, and the anus.

This component is adjoined into the labia and appears to be hooded by the epidermis.  This little part of the vagina includes numerous nerve endings which are extremely sensitive and this one little part leads a very fantastic deal because its primary purpose to deliver sexual pleasure to girls when touched or stimulated.  Only under the clitoris is your urethra, which can be an opening in which the urine passes through.  The urethra isn’t part of their women’s reproductive system and is considerably more attached into the bladder through it’s situated close to the remainder of the vaginal pieces.


The opening to your vagina is coated by a thin tissue or cartilage Known as the hymen.  The whole hymen was a sign of virginity and can be very sensitive and thin.   Another opening at the female genitalia is your perineum that’s a stretch of the epidermis which goes up into the anus and can be where babies come out through labor.  The inner Areas of the female genitalia would be the vaginal canal in which The penis moves through during sexual intercourse and extends to the cervix.  Your vagina’s size may expand and contract to create a way for the dimensions of their penis.    Next is that the uterus or better Called the uterus at which the embryo develops in And held there throughout pregnancy.  On either side of the uterus will be the fallopian tubes in which the fertilization of the ova (egg) occurs.   These eggs are made in the uterus which is just another region of the vagina.  Besides ova production, the ovaries are responsible for its generation of progesterone and estrogen or the female sex hormones.  Each of these components composes the vagina that’s the feminine species’ crucial organ in breeding and copulation.

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