5 Tips for a higher testosterone levels

Although the possibilities to increase testosterone levels naturally , are very limited, there are some tips you should heed to realize your full potential. 


1. Do you do more sports!  When it comes to general recommendations to increase erection hardness, or libido, however, mostly fast is the advice as much as possible to play sports as this the testosterone levels increase.

However, studies have shown:

A stiff penis tolerate only sport in moderation!

The body comes into overtraining he releases increased stress hormones from pulling a reduction in testosterone levels after themselves. Erection problems and loss of libido are the result.

To avoid overtraining, it is the Singale the body observed. Especially athletes should insert enough breaks and do not forget in a pub regenerative phases. Who noticed loss of appetite, constant fatigue or problems with his libido, which should always scrutinize his sporting activities.

Basically, there are mainly long-lasting, tiring sports activities such as marathons, which can lower testosterone levels. Short-term loads such as weight training , however, increase the production of testosterone. But even here, overtraining is quite possible.

Anyone who is not sure if perhaps the sport comes as the cause of their own fatigue and pain into consideration, should consult a doctor. An examination of the blood sheds light on testosterone levels and can usually narrow down the possible causes relatively quickly.

2. Do you often have sex , your erect penis will be grateful to you! Sexual activity increases the production of testosterone, which in turn increases sexual desire. Those who remain sexually active, his libido gets into old age and can always enjoy hard erections.

3. Go into the sun! light decreases the production of melatonin, which makes you lazy and listless and increases testosterone levels. Along with fresh air causes the sun to the spirits in motion and encourages better sexual performance.

4. Do not put under pressure not only short-term stress can prevent a hard penis. The formation of stress hormones also has a long-term reduced testosterone levels result.

5. Avoid too much fat in the first place on your body! Persons suffering from obesity, has lower testosterone levels than lean people. Also, too much fat in food intake should be avoided. Pay attention here to the consumption of healthy fats from high-quality oils and fish.

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